Dead Space 2 "Through the Eyes of a Necromorph" Trailer

Posted: January 19, 2011
Dead Space 2 "Through the Eyes of a Necromorph" Trailer
Get to know the different types of Necromorph that are playable in Dead Sapce 2's multiplayer mode in this walkthrough trailer for Dead Space 2.

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  • Gabtraf

    So I got the chance of playing multiplayer after beating single player on Zealot (pain in my ass... seriously...); I had lots of fun playing both Humans and Necromorphs. I could screw around and still have a good time playing it. It isn't like L4D where you can't select your creature and can't spawn near humans. You could actually spawn right behind them (although that isn't a bright idea) and ambush them. In my opinion.. It is pretty damn good for their first take on multiplayer I hope this idea continues to prosper for Dead Space.

    Posted: January 27, 2011 4:35 AM
  • migespi

    where the heck is the review x-play?

    Posted: January 26, 2011 8:13 AM
  • delta95

    Sally wong shut the HELL UP

    Posted: January 26, 2011 4:17 AM
  • Sally Wong

    Very corridor or linear, and very repetitive, with poor controls at times during this 11 hour game. Graphics are 720p, but dark at times, and the audio is very robust to say the lease. I give " Dead Space 2 " a solid 8.4 out of 10. Anything less than 8.0 is always a rental by my standards.

    Love and Kisses: Sally Wong :

    Posted: January 26, 2011 1:48 AM
  • kaos929

    yea thats what i thinking a lot like left 4 dead

    Posted: January 24, 2011 7:57 AM
  • tuyoyo99

    left 4 dead space

    Posted: January 20, 2011 10:47 AM