Worst Games of 2010

Posted: December 22, 2010
Worst Games of 2010

The end of the year means highlight the best that the gaming industry had to offer in 2010, but that also includes the worst. X-Play's Abbie Heppe talks to Kevin Pereira about the top video games of 2010 that failed to impress any gamer. 

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  • Wozman23

    I still think the Metroid review was weighted with too much personal disappointment from Abbie. I'll agree the controls were a bit odd and took a while to get used to, and Samus was portrayed oddly, but aside from that there was a good game there. I had a lot of fun with it despite those flaws and can think of a huge list of games that were far worse this year.

    But in the end, a review is just one individuals opinion. Don't trust her, or me, to know what you like.

    Posted: December 23, 2010 9:28 AM

    I can't disagree with any of that. I'm Metroid fan but Other M never really looked like it was worth the time or the money.

    Posted: December 23, 2010 9:04 AM
  • DarkKirby2500

    It's her valid opinion, but Abbie Heppe has consistently showed she has a hatred toward things/games that don't have women in strong independent roles, which puts into question if her ratings of the games is of overall enjoyment/quality, or anger of the position women play in said game.

    Posted: December 23, 2010 8:54 AM
  • DPsx72

    Nah, they should have totally included CoD and Halo. I mean could those games be any more basic, cookie-cutter, crappy and unoriginal? Granted they only had time for 4 games so maybe those 2 were next on the list.

    Posted: December 23, 2010 8:47 AM
  • sy_cred

    man APB could have been good but oh well

    Posted: December 23, 2010 8:44 AM
  • hoof_hearted4

    shes a cutie. and there are probably a lot of other games they coulda added to that list, but they only did 3 games, it was a short list so obviously theres a lot of games they didnt put on :P

    Posted: December 23, 2010 8:42 AM
  • xRaymond9250

    man i miss this show, up yours directv!

    Posted: December 23, 2010 5:49 AM
  • RPG-fan

    I thought Abbie was going to add Darksiders in the list.

    Posted: December 23, 2010 3:37 AM
  • Orshabalbro

    well atleast the girls are hot :P

    Posted: December 22, 2010 9:15 PM