RAGE Preview

Posted: December 1, 2010
RAGE Preview
Adam Sessler takes an early look at the upcoming RAGE, the long-awaited FPS release from legendary id Software that teases the powerful new id Tech 5 engine and has you out to survive a post-apocalyptic landscape infested with mutant tribes.

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  • Master-Omicon

    veeeeery interesting..... BUT STUPED!! no JK looks sick

    Posted: January 2, 2011 9:46 PM
  • JimDanD

    There are those games that look great but you still feel skepctical about them not being as good as we all hoped(Too Human, Force Unleashed). This does not look like that type of game. Everything about everything about this game(no that is not a type) looks amazing, especially the characters. The voice animations of these previews looks like the best I've seen, and I believe that is one quality that truly determines a great game.

    Posted: December 4, 2010 2:20 PM
  • BoydofZINJ

    So... a HD Fallout meets Borderlands game with a doseage of DOOM? Okay. I can live with that. We even have the place where cars live, I wonder if Scooter is there too?

    Posted: December 4, 2010 2:01 PM
  • Sax92

    This is what I think (and hope) Rage will be: a mixture of Fallout 3, Borderlands, and Doom 3.

    Posted: December 4, 2010 1:50 PM
  • Hekynn

    Great Preview! Good thing I'm upgrading my PC next Summer with SLI DX11 cards and 8gb of ram lol.

    Posted: December 4, 2010 12:15 PM
  • Deathknight888

    This an Arkham city are the 2 games im waiting for next year, no question, when i first saw the preview at E3, i thought ok, high powered computer, probably going to look a little worse on 360, but they said they were running it on the 360!!!, i almost fell out of my chair. so stoked for this game

    Posted: December 3, 2010 11:41 PM
  • fight4gipper1

    very impressive, though It seems like the npcs are a little stiff during combat.

    Posted: December 2, 2010 6:20 PM
  • DragonRider6

    Hmmmmm. Very impressive.

    Is the new engine all graphics? I like game engines with good physics and environment destructibility.

    Liking the story and gameplay.

    Posted: December 2, 2010 2:40 PM
  • DocM@sta

    I am like UBER FREAKED about this upcoming fps... I mean for one... hell we're ALL waiting for the next release of one of the founding FPS godfathers that IS ID! software (Not to mention Doom 4 is already on the back burner from them as well) .... but on top of that this game is being built from the grond up w/ the new Tech 5 engine that allows the developers to sit there and recreate massssive content, and create huge worlds that were just plain not possible to develop before... now developers don't have to worry about texture limits or memory restraints... their possibilities are perpetual!!!

    This engine sports a 20GB texture data cap.... the developers can literally sit there and just create create create create... all with crisp and superb graphics. Every inch of the world textures and level props will be up to date with the latest graphics development technologies like bloom lighting effects, high dynamic range lighting effects, updated shader models... not to mention support for multi-core cpu/GPU processing technology for the main aspects of it's computations such as game logic, AI, graphics rendering, along with physics and sound processing!

    And don't forget boys and girls... a simplified "in engine" version of this engine will be released with the final shipped product in the form of a development toolkit for gamers everywhere to mod the living crap out of this already masterpiece of a game!

    Basically the Tech 1-4 engines were all developed with gamers in mind... making physics more dynamic and making things more easy for the gamer... but THIS engine is being developed with ease of use for the developer... which is why this engine is relatively revolutionary to say the least!!

    **Not to mention according to ID sotware CEO Todd Hollenshead, this still very proprietary engine is gonna be outsourced to other developers... which means that games will be developed by other studio's using this glorious new baby... which will in turn be published by Bethesda Softwork's

    Now although this engine was developed primarily for use with FPS genera tittles, ID is actually encouraging the use of this engine to create games within other genera's, which means different kinds of props and level designs in which this engine is perfectly capable in doing so!

    This game going to be astounding.. mostly all due to the fact that it boasts this new TECH 5 engine, but as well don't forget that of course this game has a knock out storyline aspect, which will tie in perfectly with the gameplay mechanics to seriously vamp this beast to limitless ends!

    And no... I'm not over hyping this..

    Posted: December 1, 2010 8:50 PM
  • xXBOOM69Xx

    Same here GunslingerD7
    I really was hoping for a vastly immersive story and univerise
    Kinda like how Red Dead Redemption or Mass Effect 2 feels
    but both Fallout and Borderlands fell short

    But this looks like the story will be great, shooting mechanics will be up to par with other FPS, and the vehicles will be an awsome addiction
    (Both of which i believe Fallout and Borderlands failed to do)

    Posted: December 1, 2010 7:55 PM
  • GunslingerD7

    I'm might be the minority here but I really never could get into Fallout or Borderlands but this definitely looks like my kind of post apocalyptic world.

    I can't wait to get my hands on this and play the hell out of it.

    Posted: December 1, 2010 4:59 PM