Michael Jackson The Experience Launch Trailer

Posted: November 24, 2010
Michael Jackson The Experience Launch Trailer
Michael Jackson is hands down the most electric pop star of all time. You can dance like the King of Pop when you watch this Michael Jackson The Experience launch trailer.

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  • 2ply

    Does anyone else get creeped out by glowing MJ in the gameplay clips? Using his likeness seems pretty distasteful and just a little bit eerie to me (the fact he's a glowing orb doesn't help lol).

    But on a more serious note.. I was never a fan of him or his music, but I still stayed in the loop with most things one way or another (family, girlfriends..) and what his money grubbing family is doing with the ownership of his rights is just disgraceful, they seem to be cashing in on any and every oppertunity they can now.

    So if someone out there actually happens to be a fan, don't buy this or any of the other half baked cashgrab idea's coming soon, all it does is support the continued sullying of his image because (I don't mean any offense here) he is still somewhat the flavor of the month and they know it will sell.

    Posted: November 24, 2010 4:01 PM