Sessler's Soapbox: War of the Open Worlds

Posted: October 26, 2010
Sessler's Soapbox: War of the Open Worlds
Adam talks about all the time he's been spending in open world games and how their design is what makes them so appealing.

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  • cwbys21

    I just want to say in regards to the open worlds are like fantasy novels bit, some of the more epic fantasy series, like the Wheel of Time, which is getting ready to release its 14th book, that gives you not only the feel of the huge world and everything that Adam was talking about, but also how things change over longer periods of time to the world. One of the reasons I am excited for Dragon Age 2 (even though it isn't going to be open world like this Soapbox is referring to) is that it will show us repercussions of what we are doing over time and that is something that many games don't do and hopefully more will do in the future. Maybe Fable 3 does this as well since it lets you become the King for the second half of the game, I don't know since I don't have a 360.

    Posted: October 26, 2010 8:05 PM
  • Jackal904

    I completely agree Adam. My favorite type of game is free roaming games like Fallout and Oblivion (although I'm not a fan of GTA games). I absolutely love the huge sense of freedom and exploration. I love the ability to choose my own path and progress at my own pace. I am in love right now with Fallout New Vegas. It's such an open, deep, and rich world filled with all these dynamic elements and choices that make each person's playthrough unique. It's so interesting to talk to friends who have played Fallout, to see how their experiences were different.

    Posted: October 26, 2010 7:29 PM
  • Spybreak

    Continuation of a story would have been the next thing they should have done with Avatar. Having an open world where you can run around and experience Avatar was what that video game should have been. I'm not talking about an MMO either, open world sometimes gets blended into that other genre as well. Enjoying Fable III and I think the open world gameplay is enhanced now due to the map and the ability to zoom anywhere or see where quests, people that need your help and so on is located. That's not to say there isn't a lack of exploration either.

    Posted: October 26, 2010 6:31 PM
  • Donkeylips

    rdr undead awesome open world!!!!!!

    Posted: October 26, 2010 6:22 PM

    ...And AC Brotherhood very soon too

    I know it's not an open world game, but one thing I like about Halo (and Battlefield, to a degree) is its "sandbox shooter" element. Instead of CoD's linear rollercoaster, Halo just puts you in a big open space with an objective and puts obstacles (really really good AI) between you and it. It makes it feel that much more organic than CoD. (Don't get me wrong - I loved CoD4 and Black Ops will be good, but MW2 was silly. This has nothing to do with anything.)

    Question: What would be a good sandbox location for AC3? I'd like to see victorian London, or Napoleonic france. A pirate-themed game might be excellent too =]

    Posted: October 26, 2010 4:40 PM
  • comicforhire

    Hey Adam. How did you get New Vega to not crash in that five minutes?

    Posted: October 26, 2010 4:34 PM

    It feels a bit mean that 2K czech made a whole open world for Mafia 2, which is a very linear game, simply to make it more immersive. That's an awful lot of work but one of reviewers' chief complaints with the game was the lack of side quests. Perhaps they should have put some more incentive for exploration there, but that's not really the point of the game. Mafia 2 was more cinematic than that.

    Posted: October 26, 2010 4:31 PM
  • Raisinbman

    Lol @ fanfiction comment Adam, good stuff!

    Posted: October 26, 2010 4:31 PM
  • Luck702

    If im not mistaken, fallout 3 and fable 2 came out about the same week in 08

    Posted: October 26, 2010 4:00 PM
  • Aldowyn

    Interesting. Of course, they almost always are, but... interesting. I particularly enjoyed the references to novels and Tolkien specifically. It's really true that novels can detail a world like no other medium really can - and games are probably ahead of movies in that regard.

    P.S. Favorite line: "Of course there's fan fiction, but let's not go there..." Or something close to that, anyway.

    Posted: October 26, 2010 3:55 PM
  • slimmer

    I want an open world gta style game that I can pick any big city in the world and be able to pick the year/century and then have options for plot scenarios.

    Posted: October 26, 2010 3:48 PM
  • MyNameIsMyName

    What mode was the New Vegas gamer playing on, he was getting defeated in 2 hits,even from radioscorpions.

    Posted: October 26, 2010 3:33 PM
  • EthanWoods

    Wait wait wait, we're counting Fable games as RPGs now? O.o

    Posted: October 26, 2010 3:22 PM
  • goricky

    I found it funny how, at about the one minute mark, Adam went "GAAAH" just after the person in Fallout got shot; perfectly timed

    Posted: October 26, 2010 3:03 PM
  • JustTheBeginning

    Very unrealistic soapbox! Fallout New Vegas did not crash, freeze, blow up or anything during those 5 minutes!!

    Posted: October 26, 2010 2:38 PM
  • prinny_hero

    This is unrelated, but Adam, I wish I had your office

    Posted: October 26, 2010 2:20 PM
  • zerodragon

    open worlds are amazing. just take for example what will be Game of the Year. of course i am talking about Mass Effect 2(even though it is very linear compared to other open worlds and to the 1st mass effect). and if you don't like mass effect then i got another game for you: "Zelda" (and c'mon who doesn't like zelda?)

    Posted: October 26, 2010 2:11 PM
  • TheWarmonger

    What in the heck is going on with these "rushed' games?

    First of all it was Fallout New Vegas and now Fable 3

    Fallout New Vegas looks and feels like it's still in the beta stages and Fable 3 has bugs and glitches as well?

    Makes me glad they are not rushing DC universe online:)

    Don't get me wrong I am enjoying playing New Vegas and everything, but to me it's unacceptable to see 2 "glitchy" games at one time?

    I would probably appreciated if Fallout New Vegas had been pushed back till next year?
    But it is a business, plain and simple.

    let's hope the new Assassins game dosen't fall under the same fate as these two?

    Posted: October 26, 2010 2:02 PM
  • Bass.EXE

    Don't get me wrong, Open-World games are fine, but I like linear games more because it's a lot easier to tell a great story when the player is directed in their experience

    Posted: October 26, 2010 1:51 PM
  • Pwnproof

    I love big open and deep game's, huge places with deep rpg elements that make leveling up and exploring the content of the game all the more soul sucking, Talk about big bang for your buck! i would like to try new vegas but can only take on one monster at a time, atm i am on new game + with demons souls and totally agree with everything adam pointed out about these kind of games! like oblivion and demons souls from fallout3 to gta or red dead and after a hard days work and knowing the kids are asleep nothing beats cracking open a beer turning down the lights and getting lost in a deep dark world of awsome sauce :D

    Posted: October 26, 2010 1:46 PM