Dead Rising 2 Review

Posted: September 28, 2010
Dead Rising 2 Review
This sequel set in Vegas-like Fortune City keeps what works from the original and adds new hero Chuck Greene, co-op play, competitive multiplayer, and more zombies and crazy ways to kill them, and Kevin Pereira weighs in with this Dead Rising 2 Review.

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  • doc1976er

    I just played this game on my ps3 and man I gotta tell ya I loved it. But the reason I give it a 4 out of 5 is because the loading times and frequency is horrible. I say horrible because of how much you want to play it over and over so the loading is just the worst thing. Its pretty bad. Like if you save the game at the closest save point to the last boss... it loads 3 times inbetween the batheroom and getting to the battle and its only like a 1 and a half minute walk to the boss without the loads.

    Posted: February 8, 2011 11:48 PM
  • lolol

    I think zombies should have there own genre instead of horror ;D

    Posted: October 2, 2010 9:09 AM
  • Bwsofly

    way to go Team!! (capocom and others) 4 stars!! I'm getting this friday!!

    Posted: September 29, 2010 7:47 PM
  • Neoraider06

    Did you guys even play this game? The game makes it clear that this is not vegas. the opening sequence even mentions vegas as a sacked city.Boss battles are still in and can be a major pain.

    Posted: September 29, 2010 7:04 PM
  • ederon

    If the game is so good, why 4 out of 5?

    Posted: September 29, 2010 2:22 PM
  • keyonte0

    I bet if Infinity Ward or Bungie had their names slapped on the box the game it would've gotten a 5.

    Posted: September 29, 2010 1:53 PM
  • AlecEggleston

    Iv`e played enough zombie killers to last me up until RE6. Although Left for dead is a force to be recconed with. Using any or everything within the envirnment is a big plus but once you`ve decapitated once, you`ve decapitated them all. But like the recent Castlevania, much like Kevin and Morgan said on thier review, heres hopin they bring back the resident in resident evil. Too much freakin open world and not enough creepiness of exploring an actual residence, and the surroundings of that residence that RE1 and Code Veronica captured so well. RE4 was no slouch at all by any means though and was awesome regardless but heres hopin the next installment has the resident scary nostagia that it`s predessors had before it. Sorry Dead rising 2 for getting off the beaten path, I just want that you never what`s comin round` the bend experience while being emmersed in why your there in the first place.

    Posted: September 29, 2010 12:31 PM
  • Spark_skel

    Where the offline multiplayer?!

    Posted: September 29, 2010 10:49 AM
  • Jiofreed

    Did you just say the ROAD!?! dude if it gets that screwed up I have to play this game

    Posted: September 28, 2010 5:24 PM