Samsung Captivate Smartphone Review

Posted: September 20, 2010
Samsung Captivate Smartphone Review

With a 4" Super AMOLED touch screen, a 5 megapixel camera and 16 GB of storage, the Samsung Captivate offers the ultimate smartphone experience. Kevin Pereira and Chris Hardwick review the phone that runs on Android 2.1, offers thousands of apps and more, which retails for $60 with a contract.

What You Need To Know

  • This is one of the sleekest smartphones on the market right now.
  • It's amazingly thin at only 2/100th of an inch thicker than the iPhone 4.
  • It feels really light at only 4.5 ounces.
  • The 4" Super AMOLED screen looks spectacular.
  • It isn't the brightest screen we've seen but it's definitely got the best contrast ratio of anything we've used.
  • The Captivate is a member of the Samsung Galaxy-S family, which means it has the same user interface as the Samsung Vibrant.
  • The touch screen is very responsive and the haptic feedback is enough to make it useful and not annoying.
  • Scrolling isn't as fluid as we'd like.
  • Samsung's widgets are useful, like the social network feeds and contact shortcuts, and the skin they've put on Android is nice.
  • It's also extremely fast in launching applications or performing tasks, when compared to other smartphones. It feels even faster than the Samsung Vibrant.
  • Although it's only using Android 2.1, Samsung plans to upgrade all the Galaxy S phones to 2.2, hopefully by the end of September.
  • All the features work as well as the Vibrant, but they share the same problems, too.
  • The 5 megapixel camera is only okay and there's no flash.
  • You can record HD video.
  • The browser is slick, and pinch-and-zoom support.
  • Flash support will come with Android 2.2
  • You can also stream media from your phone to a TV or computer using DLNA.
  • It comes with 15 GB of storage (supports up to 48GB)


  • $60 with a contract.


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  • KDollaz

    How do I get the Star Farts on my phone!???

    Posted: November 26, 2010 4:32 PM
  • leepluv1

    Love my samsung captivate. I have had it for 2 weeks.I did not want to change my contract with AT&T and I wanted a droid phone. I did not want an iphone as I have the itouch. With a substantial case on the captivate I am very satisfied with the bulk of the phone. Love the large and colorfull screen as well as the apps. No problems here with the battery life. As a college professor and ER nurse I just love the healthcare and education apps that I can download from the android market. I look forward to coming home and discovering new ways to use this device. I was able to dl npr and siriusxm so now Im happier.

    Posted: November 16, 2010 4:21 PM
  • C0mput3r

    I love Kevin and Chris Gadget Pron, they are so damn funny together.

    Posted: September 22, 2010 9:11 PM
  • RangerPrime

    One thing they didn't talk about was the Swype interface. It's baller.

    Posted: September 22, 2010 11:24 AM
  • snowblind99

    Forgot to mention, I was also looking at the HTC Aria and it was $19 on target.com for those looking for a little smaller phone.

    Posted: September 21, 2010 5:12 PM
  • snowblind99

    I purchased this phone on Target mobile's website for $69. Coming tomorrow. Can't wait. I looked at local stores and some websites and saw a kiosk in Target for cell phones and saw the Captivate, went home and the phone was $80 cheaper online through Target.com

    Posted: September 21, 2010 5:10 PM
  • Phaser77

    samsung screen durability. Kind of funny and weird definitely belongs here

    http://www.androidcentral.co m/gorilla-glass-demo-korean-st yle

    Posted: September 21, 2010 3:45 PM
  • Staraiedes

    Where are you getting the $60.00 price tag from? Because on AT&T's website shows it for $200.00 with a contract.

    Posted: September 21, 2010 3:33 PM
  • hensonsh

    Please review the att htc tilt 2!

    Posted: September 21, 2010 2:42 PM
  • Phaser77

    Didnt sound or look like he said freakin to me.

    Posted: September 21, 2010 1:04 PM
  • J_Boolihans

    Is it just me, or was Chris Hardwick really on point. I say give him a bit more airtime. He's really grown on me. Also, he said freakin.

    Posted: September 21, 2010 10:25 AM
  • Phaser77

    A good place to find out more info on this phone and How to root the phone (as applebook stated earlier) is samsungcaptivateforum.com

    Theres a wealth of Info and help on this phone there

    Posted: September 21, 2010 8:20 AM
  • Phaser77

    HOLY CRAP!!!! He did drop the F-bomb around 2:56!!!

    Posted: September 21, 2010 8:09 AM
  • Papa_bear

    no seriously at 2:53 he says this effin month!!! lol am i hearing him wrong?

    star farts...lol

    Posted: September 21, 2010 3:03 AM
  • Papa_bear

    did he say this effin month?

    Posted: September 21, 2010 2:56 AM
  • applebook

    I've owned the T-Mobile and Bell Vibrant models and now have the AT&T, which I consider to be the best of the bunch. It does lack the front-facing camera of the Bell and international versions, but the build quality and design of the Captivate outshine all of its brethren.

    However, you do have to root the phone, install the lag fix, and enable non-Market app installation for this phone to reach its full potential. 5/5.

    Posted: September 21, 2010 2:23 AM
  • Phaser77

    If it forced closed there was probably something wrong with the app itself not the phone. Maybe you had a defective phone Red but my emails worked fine with my captivate. As far as limited apps go android is pretty new on the app scene and Id say there off to a great start and the app volume for android is getting bigger and bigger. Maybe one day it will be like apple with a huge amount of useless apps.

    One thing bothered me about what chris Hardwick said in the review about the power button being on the side and you can turn the phone off while talking, not so. When you push and hold that button a menu pops up asking if you want to put the phone in flight mode, silent mode or power off. If you dont hit one of these options the phone will stay on and not power down.

    Posted: September 20, 2010 11:05 PM
  • Redlizardtc1

    @Foxx_dodger for there reviews they do not use AT&T for there pricing they use things like amazon ( I can't remember the exact place ) because they want to find the cheapest place that you can buy it at now your statement is also true and I know that because I bought one from AT&T I didn't think this phone deserved 5 out of 5 now if I got it for 60 dollars maybe I would of thought different but for the price the email app sucks!! The apps are limited and it forced closed a lot not only that but I had technical problems with it in the first 2 week that were bad enough that I had to reset my phone back to factory settings. Now I think the phone was pretty cool though at 200 from AT&T I think it deserved 4 out of 5

    Posted: September 20, 2010 10:06 PM
  • Phaser77

    I have this phone and its GREAT. Battery life can be managed with a good task manager or killer, but yes battery life needs to be regulated.

    Surprised they gave a phone that wasnt made by apple 5 out of 5!!


    Posted: September 20, 2010 9:45 PM
  • JKING2012

    Thanks 4 reviewing! I had the Captivate since it came out. Best phone I ever owned. Where'd $60 come from tho???

    Posted: September 20, 2010 9:41 PM