Rock Band 3 Hands-On Guitar Preview

Posted: September 14, 2010
Rock Band 3 Hands-On Guitar Preview
Abbie Heppe visits Daniel Sussman for a hands-on preview of Rock Band 3's realistic new guitars and the game's flagship feature, Rock Band Pro, that will actually prepare you for the real thing.

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  • lockyer72

    well the mustang is $149.99,so i'm guessing the squire will be at least $100 more.i want the squire because it can be plugged into an amp.i play guitar and i am looking to buy a new one so i think i will buy the squire.the mustang is way over priced,plus it's plastic and made by madcatz.can't wait for this game to come out!

    Posted: October 22, 2010 4:23 AM
  • deadpanwalking

    Geez they need to announce pricing and availability for the Squier already. I've seen previews from 5 different people for the 2 pro-mode guitars, and none of them liked the Mustang. Gaah this is driviing me INSANE!

    Posted: September 15, 2010 7:50 PM
  • Aghashie

    COOL!!! I cant wait 4 this game!

    Posted: September 15, 2010 4:09 PM