Sony Alpha NEX-5 Digital Camera Review

Posted: August 12, 2010
Sony Alpha NEX-5 Digital Camera Review

The Sony Alpha NEX-5 is the world's smallest interchangeable lens digital camera that takes DSLR quality photos with 14 mega pixels, full HD video recording and 7 fps continuous shooting. Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip take a look at the NEX-5 that sells for $650.

What You Need To Know

  • This is the smallest interchangeable lens camera we've used.
  • It's only 2.5" high and weighs less than any other DSLR style camera.
  • You can buy a smaller pancake lens but it'll cost an extra $250.
  • It also has a tilt out LCD screen.
  • Sony had to keep the buttons to a minimum since the camera body is so small, and it's still easy to use.
  • Doing things like changing modes or adjusting exposure takes a few more menus than you might be used to, but at least they're pretty.
  • Sony's menu system might take a little digging, but overall, we don't have many complaints.
  • It has tons of features like full HD video recording, panorama mode, and handheld twilight mode for low light shooting.
  • The features all work well for the most part!
  • Recording a movie is simple because of the one touch record button, but the quality is only okay.
  • Panorama mode basically just records a movie and stitches it all together into an image. The one on top represents a normal picture, while the bottom is panorama.
  • It works well unless there's movement in the frame.
  • Handheld twilight mode also helps to make lower light shooting less blurry by taking a bunch of pictures at once and combining them for the best possible photo, but we still saw some blur in the pictures.
  • The picture quality was pretty good.
  • Normal light pictures look fantastic and what you'd expect out of a DSLR quality camera with accurate colors, lots of detail and very little distortion.
  • Low light pictures were a different story: it's not bad but soft focus and blur seemed to be common. Lens distortion became more prominent, too.


  • $650.00


  • 3 Seals of Approval out of 5. (How do we rate gadgets?)
  • We like the design and features but there's still room for improvement in image quality.

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  • 3atom48ant

    First of all, the reason you're hitting the movie button accidentally is because you're supposed to hold the camera with the 18-55mm lens by the lens-not the camera.(sorry guys,but it's right in the instructions). If you hold it by the zoom ring, you can rotate it to best frame your subject while giving the camera optimal support.
    Also, I gotta say,in your hand-held twilight shot (at least the one you showed) the shooter was just not holding still. I took pics with the NEX 5 at my birthday dinner in a darkened Italian ristorante or whatever and the pics turned out PD good. NEX time, maybe go a little easier on the vino guys.

    Posted: August 16, 2010 8:54 AM
  • channy132

    Hmm couple of points were wrong i think..

    It doesn't take a video to do a panorama, only the compacts do that. Handheld twilight is designed to reduce noise, not blur. You would use the anti-blur setting for that

    Posted: August 14, 2010 1:44 AM
  • karasublue84d

    Alison so hot! keep em' coming.

    Posted: August 13, 2010 1:46 AM
  • darkspectre

    Sony needs to step up their game in the photography market or they'll always be behind Canon & Nikon.

    Posted: August 12, 2010 8:54 PM