Sessler's Soapbox: Changing the Game is a Good Thing

Posted: August 10, 2010
Sessler's Soapbox: Changing the Game is a Good Thing
Adam uses Madden NFL 11 as an example how some innovations can anger the gaming community, even if they're for the better.

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  • nightsnipe

    between Madden, Guitar Hero, CoD, IDK which game makes less changes from title to title

    Posted: August 10, 2010 4:03 PM
  • gravy666

    Cole McGrath's original look in inFamous 2 strips him of most of his originality. You'd be hard-pressed to pick him out of a crowd of Chris Evans and Chris Pine lookalikes. Cole seems as if to say "I'm here to chew gum, make bad jokes, and listen to Nickelback. And I'm all out of gum."

    Posted: August 10, 2010 3:47 PM
  • A-Bittersweet-Life

    The problem is the medium itself. The interactive nature of video games cultivates or foster a very deep bond with the players and their character role unlike other mediums such as a movie which is experienced more in a passive way; hence, which why we don't throw a tantrum when we see Bruce Willis in Cop Out after seeing him in Live Free or Die Hard and do when we hear Nolan North in Dark Void after Uncharted.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 3:42 PM
  • mr.ouija036

    i can't speak for everyone, but for me, Cole looking different wasn't that bad of an idea. What was bad was the fact that he looked like Nathan Drake, if your gonna change the look of your character than try and avoid the look of another popular game character on the same system. the other problem that I found about the new Cole was his up beat attitude, i mean how can he go from completely upset and miserable to, well Nathan Drake. Kinda happy and very sarcastic, idk but again if Sucker Punch or any other game developer wants to change anything of their own game, than i say let them. People get upset for their own reasons but you have to remember that if the creative team makes the same game over and over again just to make sure that their fans don't bitch, than other people will bitch that their doing something else wrong. It's an endless cycle, game developers or anyone can't and won't make everyone happy. Nothing wrong for voicing one's opinion just wish more people would read what they write before hitting the post button.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 3:42 PM
  • 7Hokage

    Yes playing Madden any year is always a good thing. Good 4 U Adam!!

    Posted: August 10, 2010 3:31 PM
  • AntiquesRoadwarrior

    Good Soapbox, but I don't think the Left for Dead and inFamous situations are at all equitable. InFamous 2's team decided to change not only the character but the plot of their series suddenly, which is jarring to fans. Valve decided that they would essentially re-organize their release/development cycle to capitalize on the popularity of their new IP, which actually caused much less change to occur between games. I'm not very upset about either decision and have no entitlement issue; I'm just saying that SuckerPunch's decision was definitely the more "changey" one, while Valve's was the more "proto-fascist." Not that I'm calling Valve, the best game company of all time, fascist.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 3:24 PM
  • lonewolfe25

    I didn't really see anything wrong with the way Cole looked but I do agree that he should look similar to his original design. I have been a gamer for years and the one thing that has always frustrated me are sport games. They make them every year and people spend 60 bucks just for updated rosters and maybe 1 or 2 new things added to the game, and now with EA making it mandatory that everyone has to buy a code to play a used sport title once its been traded or sold to a game store is not fair to people who don't want to spend full price on a game they have already played before. I wish EA would instead of making a new game every year if they would just make a download for the following year for roster updates and actually try to make something more innovative for the NFL franchise. I mean we have the technology now that they can just do a download rather than make a new game. Sport titles have always been an issue with me when it comes to innovation because you hardly see it. I do agree I like the new feature of the new play system I like it because looking at all the plays can be annoying and it really does shorten the time of playing the game. My biggest complaint of change is when you are used to a game as a single player experience and game designers decide to just throw the game into a full multi player experience and for the people that like to play the single player game it totally ruins the experience for them.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 3:24 PM
  • chantler

    Personally for me, games don't change enough. This is especially true for me with sequels. Look at crack down 1 to crack down 2. A lot of things needed to be changed and added and I had high hopes for that game but all I got was crack down 1.5. Which was not good enough for me. However there are exceptions like Fall Out New Vegas, there is not much difference from FO3 but I can't wait for New Vegas latter this year.

    I think the one thing that I would love to see change is more verity in genres. I love me some 3D space flight sims like X-wing or Decent/ Decent Free Space but no one makes games like that any more. We seem to be stuck in FPS/3rdPS mode for most of the AAA titles. I love me some shooters but I love other games as well.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 3:16 PM
  • Gunslinger47

    My default policy is "Cautiously Optimistic".
    http://www.penny-arcade.com/ comic/2006/3/1/

    Posted: August 10, 2010 3:14 PM
  • OcelotFox

    Adam, I couldn't agree more about how ridiculous and petty some people (the ones who comment online, make petitions that are bound to fail, etc.) are becoming about changes to game series. But I think a larger part of the problem is that the online culture in our country has become hyper-polarized to the point that everything that happens is either the worst or best thing ever. It seems like there's no middle ground, no sense of analysis rather than judgment, and frankly, the loss of perspective (that seems to have come along with our ever-more interconnected lifestyles) has been absolutely shocking.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 2:54 PM
  • PlymouthUguy

    Adam I love your soapbox, and I agree with you most of the time, but this time...

    I loved the first Infamous and with the exception of Batman: Arkham City, Infamous 2 is the game I'm looking forward to the most next year. But I never liked the redesign of Cole. If it was the just a simple hair cut and new set of clothes I wouldn't care, but he looks nothing like the first Cole. If you didn't tell me, I would have never known it was the same character from the first game. And while this wouldn't in itself ruin the continuity between the two games, it doesn't help.

    Oh, and if you think that response from players is a bit of an overreaction, than riddle me this. What was your response when Superman ditch the Blue tights and red cape for a jet black one piece and a chest mounted chrome hood ornament? Change IS good, but this was an unnecessary overhaul.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 2:54 PM
  • OuroborosChoked

    Personally, I think the reason people got pissed over Cole's look changing was because he didn't look anything like Cole anymore. Honestly, he looked more like Nathan Drake's younger brother than Cole. I really don't care if they change his outfit or give him hair or whatever, but don't change him to someone else entirely and tell us it's the same guy. That just doesn't fly. I mean, what if Mario got a new look a tall, skinny Mexican complete with a sombrero and no 'stache but they played it off like nothing was new. It'd freak people out, and not because he's new Mexican Mario, but because Mario's not a tall, skinny, clean-shaven Mexican with a sombrero.

    Just my take...

    Posted: August 10, 2010 2:45 PM
  • Pillowman

    Its an interesting point you raise Adam however I think the argument is missing the point in terms of Madden. The problem with Madden isnt a gameflow option that "dumbs down the game" its that Madden still hasnt fundamentally changed in a LONG time. When I tried the demo it looked and played the same as the last Madden I purchased, 2006 I believe. For the only franchise with the NFL license this isnt good enough, so when its percieved as becoming more casual without innovations for long term fans with an understanding of football, problems arise. Speaking of change does Patrick still work for G4?

    Posted: August 10, 2010 2:43 PM
  • Alfwok

    Change is fine when its not just selling out. take a FPS change=new weapons and maps GOOD. change=motion controls BAD. Pre-order at gamestop and unlock justin bieber as a playable character!

    Posted: August 10, 2010 2:22 PM
  • rikkuster

    One game that immediately comes to mind is FFXIII. That was a pretty big change in terms of game play and, I don't know about here, but at GameFAQs almost the entire message board is filled with why people don't like the game or the changes made to it. If anything, people should look at it as an experiment. Experiments don't always turn out like how we want them to but how else do we learn?

    Basically I think people just try to find excuses to complain and get people all up in arms. I don't get why people spew so much negativity towards games like they do. Keep an open mind not just in video games but in life as well.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 2:13 PM
  • Kazoku002

    Interesting soapbox, Adam, and something worth mulling over. I think that one could probably examine this on a case by case basis. How much change a franchise can sustain before reaching the breaking point should also be considered. That, of course, is without mentioning change for the sake of change, without thought of how far from a working formula said change would take any given game or franchise.

    Good food for thought.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 2:12 PM
  • RockieOllie

    Response to the title.
    Not if the game is called Banjo-Kazooie :(

    Posted: August 10, 2010 2:06 PM
  • beesdaddy

    I don't see Adam jumping on board for change for subscription multi-player.

    Don't you think business models should be as innovative as the games? 60 bucks plus tax is a big barrier to entry just like a big menu of plays on Maden.

    Maybe he will talk about it in feedback.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 1:54 PM
  • linc77

    Ahhh! the change... it burns!

    Posted: August 10, 2010 1:52 PM
  • iStab

    I think a much welcomed change to gaming would be for Bungie to include a multiplayer filter called "reported" which filters out all those prepubescent morons who get reported for spouting off demeaning language.

    Posted: August 10, 2010 1:48 PM