Halo: Reach The Battle Begins Trailer

Posted: July 29, 2010
Halo: Reach The Battle Begins Trailer
Are you ready for the most anticipated game of 2010? This September the battle begins. Get a first look at the stunning world and characters of Halo: Reach.

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  • crocmaster

    This game is the best or at least going to be the best game in history! This game is going to be better than all the other halo series.

    Posted: August 18, 2010 3:40 PM
  • anarchistpig090

    september 14 is the day were millions of teenagers and adults will not go to work or school and will own online

    Posted: August 18, 2010 9:52 AM
  • halorules117

    i love halo i got a ps3, then found out halo 3 was coming out and sold my ps3 to gamestop and bought an xbox 360

    Posted: August 17, 2010 12:11 PM
  • deftonesdbm

    Can't wait for this game...

    Posted: August 16, 2010 11:01 AM
  • Troy5117

    I cant wait I wish now that they're pretty much done with the game I wish they'd just ship it cuz Im having trouble with the fact I have to wait a month to play it I cant even play halo 3 anymore Im so excited. And I want to kick my old xbox out a window for getting the red rings for the two weeks the beta was out so I missed it =(

    Posted: August 16, 2010 10:39 AM
  • Gunwing

    This is going to kick major butt in the market place......... I my self will more then likly order it day one when I get my next paycheck. But for now I will be content with this awsome video.

    BTW: Killzone 3 looks great, but it sucks for PS3 onwers that SOCOM 4 their big PS Move title was pushed back to next year......... What an Epic fail on Sony's part yet again. Why I left.... Too many hardcore games get the boot back year after year, I bet you anything that GT5 will get another push back........ And that the long awaited Resistance 3 will hit only after next year.

    By that point PS Move will have been an epic fail, and in Japan, and the US, as well as the UK Kinect will shine because Microsoft will run adds like no tomarrow for it while Sony will again shoot their foots off with TV adds only durning Football, or Basketball games.

    Honestly Microsofts products sell more because they don't run TV adds on only late night TV, they run them 24/7 you can even see TV adds for Xbox360 titles during kid shows at Noon, and again in the early day break, but Sony for some reason Only runs TV adds on 3 Channels:

    FOX Sports
    FOX News
    Comady Central

    Mean while Microsoft games can be seen on the fallowing networks:

    4Kids TV
    Cartoon Network
    Teen Nick
    FX Movies
    FOX Sports
    Comady Central

    Get my point? If Sony wants sales they need to market their kid games to kids......... They don't run adds on any of the kid TV networks and if they did games like Little Big Planet and Mod Nation Racers would sell millions of copies.

    At least Microsoft sells their products to all age groups, it's why they are going to kick butt when Kinect Launches the hardcore will be too busy playing Gears of War 3, Halo Reach, Fable 3, and other yet to be released titles like Codename Kingdoms, and the wealth of great playing and great looking third party games like Medal of Honor, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Batman Arkham City, Spiderman Shattered Dementions, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat...........

    Need I list more reasons Xbox360 is better? XBL kicks butt, has great demos, and updates every day, not once a week. Plus if there is a problem they tell you about it not stagger around like it's not an issue like Sony dose, and then after about over 1,000 complaints they admit the issue after telling us all that we are Liars and then spend another 4 months fixing it.

    Posted: August 9, 2010 6:18 AM
  • gamermoves

    Props to Bungie for bringing back some of the best parts of halo, like the pistol from Combat Evolved, the true Master Chief annialation weapon. ^_^

    Posted: August 8, 2010 9:13 PM
  • Spazztoid

    OH MY GOD!!!!!
    i honestly can't wait, but it makes me really sad that this is Bungie's last Halo game

    Posted: August 6, 2010 8:02 PM
  • Haliod7

    It looks like the buildings lack in detail, but still epic!! I love halo bro!

    Posted: August 3, 2010 2:31 AM
  • H.R.XD

    OMG FTW THIS IS LIKE THE EFFING BOMB... I already preordered it but i dont know if i can hold on any longer.. i guess im just gonna have to freeze my self ... (south park) [SEPT.14] cant wait!! :D

    Posted: August 2, 2010 4:11 PM
  • Spybreak

    That looked really good and Bungie hasn't disappointed in the past but seriously every game that comes out this year is using the most anticipated game of 2010. Ohhh right that's like 4 or 5 games this year!

    Posted: August 1, 2010 2:29 PM
  • fireball7483

    If they can make videos like that i cant wait for the halo movies got to imdb.com and search halo

    Posted: July 30, 2010 7:07 PM
  • Rick449

    Heh,I know right? I mean if THIS isnt the definition of an epic FPS I dont know what is(KILLZONE 3)

    Posted: July 30, 2010 4:46 AM
  • coltpwnsu

    It really dissapoints me when the gaming community has such a lack of respect for the Halo franchise. It has done so much and people refuse to accept it. I am glad to be a part of a community filled with fellowe halo players.

    It changed console gaming forever and continues on through Reach.

    Posted: July 29, 2010 7:05 PM
  • barley12

    If I buy your phone will your adds go away? X_x

    Posted: July 29, 2010 2:51 PM

    Halo Reach will be one the best games of all time, Halo 3 made a mark cause of its multiplayer and the ability to forge(best idea ever). Now they shifted to high gear with forge world. And the campaign looks awsome for Halo Reach. Sorry MW2 I met someone else.

    Posted: July 29, 2010 2:48 PM
  • meoqui05

    Thums up if ur buying this game i Know am going to gamestop at 12:01 am On Sept. 14

    Posted: July 29, 2010 12:46 PM
  • SpiffRawr

    I'll be getting this for sure, but nothing groundbreaking or something we havnt seen already in this trailer...confused

    Posted: July 29, 2010 12:13 PM

    i mispelled they.

    Posted: July 29, 2010 10:17 AM