Attack of the Show Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Posted: July 27, 2010
Attack of the Show Comic-Con 2010 Panel
Join Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, and the cast and crew of Attack of the Show for this panel from Comic-Con 2010, as they tell you about the inner workings of our flagship presentation.

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  • hypra

    cant wait for next year

    Posted: August 3, 2010 6:40 PM
  • stoutkrautone

    It was unprofessional the way Munn acted. She wants to do so many other things, she should just quit AOTS, it's clearly not for her. Never was, really. She just never seems to fit in. My vote is for Alison Haislip to take over as co-host for Munn on a permanent basis. I really like her energy and personality, and I really like her apparent absence of a perpetual bitchy, looking-down-on-you attitude like the one Munn has.

    Posted: August 2, 2010 9:18 AM
  • Buzzerker74

    the yetti should have kicked pereiras ass for not being funny.

    Posted: August 2, 2010 6:22 AM
  • Buzzerker74

    god this sucks to say this but i am so fuhking disappointed in you munn, now you nothing more than a cold c*nt.

    Posted: August 2, 2010 6:21 AM
  • Buzzerker74

    fuhk these rude douche bags, be awhile before i watch these a**holes again, if ever. i dont give a damn if you just did 12 hours of live tv or if you are feeling a little under the weather there is no excuse for treating the people who support you the way you turds just did. on the show you guys pretend to be like the rest of us but here during this panel you prove yourselves to be just like i thought, nothing but dickhead actors and not even good ones at that.

    Posted: August 2, 2010 6:15 AM
  • greenbagger52

    If you liston carefully after the yetty hates twilight, I yell out twilghjt SUCKS

    Posted: August 1, 2010 3:18 PM
  • JOE NATION 2.0

    Olivia Munn vs. Alison Haislip in a fight, I think that would be a toss up. They said it was uncensored but their were so many bleeps. What happened? Great panel.

    Posted: August 1, 2010 6:54 AM
  • troubleinchinatown

    You guys are just so mean!! Wasn't she sick during this? I think that's what it said on her twitter. Explains the crappy mood.

    Posted: July 31, 2010 11:10 PM
  • SereneSNIPER

    Please guys, next time ask Alison moooore questions. She clearly has something interesting to say. I like Olivia but Whooaaa.. she was off on this panel. What's going on with her?
    Cool talk from kevin, Blair, Alison and the producers!

    Posted: July 30, 2010 5:03 AM
  • wislo

    They do seem pretty rude. I'ts mostly Olivia though it seemed like.
    wonder what happened. still love watching you guys a freakin ton!

    Posted: July 30, 2010 3:21 AM
  • Madjinn

    maybe the success has gone to her head

    Posted: July 29, 2010 11:28 PM
  • Madjinn

    Olivia was filled with wrath. Vengeful, nerd-hating wrath.

    Posted: July 29, 2010 11:23 PM
  • NateDizzyDoo

    Kevin was sooooooo hilarious I love that guy

    Posted: July 29, 2010 12:27 PM
  • NateDizzyDoo

    wow I didn't realize olivia was such a mean person she has officially lost my number one hottest girl spot. Blair was pretty hilarious actually though didn't realize she had a sense of humor

    Posted: July 29, 2010 12:25 PM
  • RingMasterShake

    Great job guys it was awesome to watch you all live and taking questions. BIG congrats on the BIG panel this year, you never disappoint. Poor Olivia and Kevin being gas bombed on stage. It must have sucked being stuck up there but it made for some unexpected laughs, which is always fun for the audience. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well.

    Posted: July 29, 2010 3:36 AM
  • Funk_Doc

    Remember being here. Fun times. Gained respect for Kevin, Blair and Allison but lost a little for Munn. Came off as somewhat of a B

    Posted: July 29, 2010 1:40 AM
  • esmilodonte

    desde la isla de Margarita - Venezuela un abrazo AOTS!!!

    P.D: a job.. for me :) any vacant?

    Peace and be nice people!!


    Posted: July 28, 2010 8:48 PM
  • G4ChuckW

    I love Blair...Any Woman who loves Comics and MMA is aces in my book

    Posted: July 28, 2010 7:57 PM
  • UndeadNightingale

    I love Blairs comment about The Oregon Train! LMFAO!!! Blair, you make all us female nerds proud!

    Posted: July 28, 2010 7:48 PM
  • Luck702

    I cant believe they took out that kevin and olivia video. is it because they want us to buy the dvd? What the F

    Posted: July 28, 2010 4:05 PM