JLTV Tactical Vehicles, Navy Robots

Posted: July 12, 2010
JLTV Tactical Vehicles, Navy Robots

Nerds aren't the only ones on the cutting edge of technology. Our military forces are right there with them, with the JLTV: Joint Light Tactical Vehicle that's three trucks combined into one, or the Nexi expressive robot helping out on naval missions. Totally badass!


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  • salamander27

    Nice Alison...drink coffay at Village Inn...you remain the coolest chick ever

    And no offense to the Navy...but I would probably fight that robot if it tried to come save me.

    Posted: July 12, 2010 8:38 PM
  • BlackLable69

    Its about freakin time, you don't send people into the meat grinder without at least some clothing.

    Posted: July 12, 2010 8:02 PM