Sessler's Soapbox: Maybe 3D Isn't So Bad?

Posted: June 22, 2010
Sessler's Soapbox: Maybe 3D Isn't So Bad?

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  • MaxMarston

    aw poor tired adam
    i like & agree with your views on 3D and Toy Story 3, both film and game look awesome!
    now go and hibernate

    Posted: June 23, 2010 2:31 AM
  • DarkSithMstr

    Love your reviews Sess, I almost always agree with you. But not liking Avatar in 3D, that hurt. That movie was made for 3D, oh well, you can't win them all.

    Posted: June 23, 2010 12:45 AM
  • Yourfinalfantasy90

    Love the intro. My mom said the exact same thing when trying to explain to her why this E3 is so cool

    Posted: June 22, 2010 10:29 PM
  • poketfulashelz

    Nintendo is really good at coming up with ideas that sound cool to everyone who doesn't have it but once you buy whatever it is it just sits under the 360 or the iphone and collects dust. Their appeal to hardcore gamers is terrible at best, which means that their only intention is for people to buy the console, leaving most games as just bad ports of what other systems have. The 3ds just looks like another nintendo gimmick that most parents will use to go overbudget at christmas time while kids trade it in for $15 at gamestop come spring break.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 10:00 PM
  • theantigzus

    dang mr sessler you look exhausted, i think everyone @ G4 shoulg have a paid week off, perhaps you can all go look for that yeti

    Posted: June 22, 2010 9:37 PM
  • konami2187

    hey adam what about the 3d for killzone i didn't hear much about it

    Posted: June 22, 2010 9:11 PM
  • Notafanboythatiknow

    I am not a fan of handhelds because I stay 97% of the time at home. But the 3DS is definitely tempting. We will see how the announced games work. I bought a Wii out of nostalgia with the Virtual Console and was not worth it...the 3DS might be worth it, and I could have my fill of nostalgia.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 8:42 PM
  • k1ng0fc0ws

    BEST HORSE RIDING SEQUENCE EVER and Adam was good too.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 8:36 PM
  • realwittyname

    I've actually been pretty excited for 3D media thus far. To see where we are the workings of 3D games and movies seems to me, a very interesting prospect for where it may end up in the future. Even just with video games the thought of seeing things almost as a your character sees them from the first person point of view is mind blowing for me. On the flip side however, I can understand a aversion to 3D media given that right now it is still in very early stages and we're not seeing its full potential especially given most companies that are using it are using it solely for gimmick purposes. All in all where its going is the more exciting part, along with seeing how it gets there as well as what 3D produces.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 8:33 PM
  • Chasefox

    I want that shirt...is it Nike? McEnroe all the way. It was a fun E3, looking forward to the 3DS...none of the other 3D tech really inspiring, though...

    Posted: June 22, 2010 8:02 PM
  • uneducated763

    3d is a fad hopefully it will die soon =D

    Posted: June 22, 2010 7:57 PM
  • j_soap

    3D hasn't really managed to do anything for games other than to introduce new and "spectacular" visuals to games. Hopefully, game developers manage to utilize the 3D effects with the 3DS, as well as in other games being released in 3D, in a way that the gameplay mechanics can benefit from.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 7:29 PM

    Love your soapbox, keep up the amazing work.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 7:27 PM
  • TrggaMan

    i concur

    Posted: June 22, 2010 7:22 PM
  • dt0423

    Bravo Adam.

    I've always had a great respect for your views and opinions on many gaming related subjects, and even respected your initial fear at the shift in interactive entertainment to a 3D-centric focus. But it's just so refreshing to see that you experienced the technology first hand and re-evaluated your stance on the subject. But then again you've always tackled every subject/issue concerning gaming and the gaming industry with an informed opinion that is always well expressed and convincing.

    Sure, 3D does not seem to make an overall impact on the quality of gameplay as of yet, but I think it is making some interesting marks into making the gameplay experience fun and exciting.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 6:47 PM
  • JacobAaron

    Interesting Soapbox as always but, you sir deserve some sleep.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 6:26 PM
  • orange_shirt_guy

    Finally somebody else on this planet who does not like Avatar!!

    Posted: June 22, 2010 6:12 PM
  • sion8

    first get some rest because you need it you do.
    2nd) Pandora in J.C.'s AVATAR univers is a moon, the gas giant in the back ground is the planet in case you were just very confuse from lack of sleep and I'm sorry for been the geek of that dam movie.
    GET SOME SLEEP!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: June 22, 2010 6:04 PM
  • SWAT1109

    great E3 Adam. now rest Adam.Rest

    Posted: June 22, 2010 5:57 PM
  • Warden626

    To me the reemergence of 3D as a technological wonder is something that is both bewildering and intriguing. I am bewildered by Sony's approach to 3D for the same reason many have said, written, and blogged about which is the very steep entrance fee to ride their new rides. Unless someone already has a relatively new T.V. or the funds to get one I don't see many suddenly hopping on the bandwagon. That said I think it is very wise that many of the "built for 3D" games such as Killzone 3 will also include a non-3D version on the same disc so as not to exclude fans of the franchise but not Sony brand T.V.'s

    What interests me the most about 3D tech is Nintendo's design of a glasses-free handheld experience. Not only does this make it less awkward to engage in 3D gaming but it will almost certainly be a far less expensive way to introduce this product to the mass market. Granted Nintendo's games may largely be rehashes of fanboy nostalgia but their art style and the number of third party developers attached to the 3DS should encourage even the most doubtful gamer. More so than any other game company Nintendo has shown that they are willing to take a far off concept and make it approachable and the 3DS will likely be many people's first, and as result most loved or reviled, experience with 3D games.

    Overall I think how far reaching 3D will be to the future of gaming is still up in the air. While it will certainly play a role in the next generation of systems down the line the biggest factor of profiting off of the "Avatar Effect" is making it accessible which means making it inexpensive. Very few people can afford to build a new 3D media center but many clearly have an interest in this type of entertainment as they will toss in a couple of bucks to see a 3D movie. If the industry can make it glasses free and reasonably priced it's almost guaranteed that every next generation console will be sporting a 3D moniker.

    Posted: June 22, 2010 5:43 PM