E3 2010 Live: Brink Hands-On Demo

Posted: June 16, 2010
E3 2010 Live: Brink Hands-On Demo
From online multiplayer, non-stop action and blasting people, 'Brink' offers it all. Kevin Pereira joins Paul Wedgwood, Game Director, to learn more about the free-running engine, class customization and teamwork features in the new game.

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  • cblume05

    i think the article is slightly wrong cause its actually rated T (unless it was just changed) which im sure helps some younger fans out so a wider audience can play. Just hope they help out the team and dont make this into call of duty. Anyway its a day purchase for me!

    Posted: May 8, 2011 11:09 AM
  • SchoolBoyReggin

    Hope the PSN is up and running when Brink comes out...might have to change to the Xbox version if not...

    Posted: May 8, 2011 10:49 AM
  • Pvtkoopatroopa

    i hope the S.M.A.R.T button isnt gona be too useful....

    Posted: December 12, 2010 10:41 AM
  • Ghost_of_Sp4rt4

    yeah I'll totally play that ish

    Posted: June 23, 2010 4:20 PM
  • cheesypoofs

    please fix the gun fire sound effect... it sounds like a nail gun

    Posted: June 22, 2010 11:53 AM
  • Ryne S.

    Where's the Vsync button?

    Posted: June 22, 2010 1:32 AM
  • rickalavenezuela

    This game looks awesome so glad i decided to get an xbox for my birthday

    Posted: June 21, 2010 6:47 AM
  • BlackLable69

    This sounds and looks great

    Posted: June 19, 2010 2:21 AM
  • Dynamo10

    This game looks pretty fricking sweet! Kinda bummed that there's no regenerating health but I'm doubt it'll be too big of a deal.

    Posted: June 18, 2010 7:48 PM
  • hoof_hearted4

    there isnt a damn thing i dont like about this game...cant wait!!!!

    Posted: June 17, 2010 1:18 PM
  • Deidare

    I have to say this is my most anticipated game of the year it appears to be the FPS experience I've always wanted. And since they added aspects like s.m.a.r.t. and mass customization they've officially got me hook, lined, and sinker(ed).

    Posted: June 17, 2010 11:56 AM
  • KillYouSD

    Man! rage AND brink? what else is bethesda hiding from us?

    Posted: June 17, 2010 10:47 AM
  • Gamerprone

    I loved and still love Call of Duty. I loved Mirrors Edge. This is their love child and I can't wait to play this game. I've always said I wanted a more intuitive FPS, and this is it.

    Posted: June 17, 2010 7:08 AM
  • deafwing

    there are no female characters in this game .. why?

    Posted: June 16, 2010 10:53 PM
  • CodePlague

    i have to wait till SPRING! oh well its looks Beast

    Posted: June 16, 2010 10:32 PM
  • spicypooptastic

    looks awesome

    Posted: June 16, 2010 8:52 PM