E3 2010 Live: Face Time With Reggie Fils-Aime

Posted: June 15, 2010
E3 2010 Live: Face Time With Reggie Fils-Aime
Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo North America, talks with Blair Herter, Kristin Adams, and Patrick Klepek about the Nintendo E3 2010 press conference, and gives us the scoop on all the games they're rolling out in the next year.

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  • Bacbi

    Nintendo. THANK U, I've Wanted a new DKC for over 10 years now.

    Posted: June 18, 2010 9:22 AM
  • BloodWolf03

    Where are the other interviews? Is Nintendo the only one that would come and talk to you guys after their conference? I'm more or less happy with this interview.
    (Yes we get it your Nintendo fans, they brought back the video games that you enjoyed in High school, and this is Presentation was actually good compared to there last few years)
    But I would also like see interviews with someone from Ubisoft, EA, Mircosoft,and Playstation, where you have a discussion about there products too. The exclusives aren't bad, but I would like to see something similar to this Nintendo presentation.
    I know you guys are busy. My only hope is that (even if its after this week once things die down) there is a proper discussion about what we saw, and not just your first impressions. That what I enjoy most about G4 and so far I haven't seen any of that.

    Posted: June 16, 2010 12:07 PM