Red Faction: Armageddon "Emergency" Trailer

Posted: June 7, 2010
Red Faction: Armageddon "Emergency" Trailer
Half a century after the Red Faction resistance freed Mars, Darius Mason, grandson of revolution heroes Alec Mason and Samanya, unknowingly releases a long-dormant evil, Armageddon is unleashed on Mars.

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  • BlackLable69

    Red Faction huh, now thats a surprise plot twist, well kinda. Cant wait.

    Posted: June 8, 2010 2:28 PM
  • vlweb3d

    I just got a "Sci-Fi Orgasm" - and if you don't love Red Faction, then you're not a true sci-fi fan - and that's your problem !!!

    Posted: June 8, 2010 4:59 AM
  • Razorblad110

    funny you mention that........how bout the fact that SyFy is gonna make one and if it does well enough its gonna be a show....depressing, i know...(that rhymed!)

    Posted: June 8, 2010 12:20 AM
  • lowkevmic

    Of all the video games they tried and make a movie out of. I am really surprise they never tried to release Red Faction in theaters. One of the few game movies I would've seen.

    Posted: June 7, 2010 12:17 PM