Sessler's Soapbox: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Posted: June 1, 2010
Sessler's Soapbox: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Adam expresses his love for, and issues with Nintendo's most recent tent-pole title, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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  • NelTu

    I love watching him praise games I like <3 yup yup *nod, nod*

    Posted: June 26, 2010 9:01 PM
  • TripsterBlister

    I loved super mario galaxy untill i hit that moment where my controller was not doing what i was tryint to get it to do. i have not played since. i probalby wont play this one. sucks for me becase i love mario games. guess its back to the cube and 64 for me.

    Posted: June 7, 2010 8:15 PM
  • Dman760

    i really don't understand why everyone is bitching about the freaking live system, i honestly don't see anything wrong with it. You have 3 lives, you die 3 times, GAME OVER!, you start all over. It makes sense. Call me old school but I don't see why they should get rid of it :/

    Posted: June 6, 2010 8:03 PM
  • ggamesg

    I think the controller is perfectly fine, as i had know problems with it and have all 242 stars, just took a awhile, very good game...

    Posted: June 6, 2010 8:56 AM
  • marcusdjackson

    so nobody has anything to say about Morgan and her comments about Mario looking cartoony? just as well. it's a valid opinion.

    Posted: June 5, 2010 10:56 AM
  • Lombardi

    I will play Mario games, in whatever form they come in. The Wii remote sucks.

    Posted: June 5, 2010 1:33 AM
  • levi23

    Im having a blast with the game.

    Posted: June 4, 2010 11:06 PM
  • YongToo

    OH wow, now that is what I am talking about dude, that is amazing.


    Posted: June 4, 2010 4:18 PM
  • IceManLoneWolf

    I don't really get his controller complaint or his life complaint, but other than that extremely well said take on the platformer genre and Mario.

    Posted: June 4, 2010 3:13 PM
  • Stormwaker101

    I guess you're looking forward to Super Meat Boy, it looks like it'll fill that childhood nostalgia of old platforming mechanics w/o lives (dying actually makes the game more interesting, especially after you beat the level).

    Posted: June 4, 2010 10:24 AM
  • Insane_genius

    I agree DKC games were trash

    Posted: June 3, 2010 3:20 PM
  • Shiztacular

    Adam you just insulted one of my favorite game franchises!! Donkey Kong Country FTW!!!!! (Diddy's Kongquest is where its at!!)

    Otherwise I agree with everything you said.

    Posted: June 3, 2010 8:36 AM
  • edgeofblade

    I'm going to take issue with the concept that Galaxy 2 is "good". Galaxy 2 is to Galaxy what Super Mario Bros 2 (Lost Levels in the US) is to Super Mario Bros. Or, like what the "Second Quest" of Legend of Zelda was to the First Quest of LoZ. It's a remix at best, and an official fan-mod at worst.

    Posted: June 3, 2010 8:34 AM
  • Killjoi

    Galaxy 2 is one of my favorite games this entire generation. As many others have said before, the level design is simply mind boggling.

    I'm a big fan of platformers like you and I'm itching to see what Insomniac does with the new Move controller. While the Ratchet series has been fun (and I've certainly enjoyed my time with it), the franchise is still using very similar mechanics from the PS2 generation. I think Playstation Move gives them the perfect opportunity to innovate like Nintendo did with Galaxy.

    I also don't understand why people feel the need for a more "mature" visual look. I hold the contrary view that characters like Mario & Ratchet should never grow up. Sometimes you want a game that offers challenging and intense gameplay with a lighter tone. I came into Galaxy 2 having just got my platinum in God of War 3 and the change of pace was thoroughly refreshing. The other game I'm playing is RDR and the tone in that game also gets a little overbearing at times.

    Sure we grow up, but that doesn't mean the things we love should always grow up with us.

    Posted: June 3, 2010 4:36 AM

    Love watching these, don't stop till get you get enough, well please don't stop, I love galaxy, 5/5.

    Posted: June 2, 2010 8:50 PM
  • Alpaca-Wrangler

    I had this problem too. My nunchunck has some hard hours on it. I've been using the one that i got with the system the week the wii launched. After some hard times trying to control rock mario I decided that its time to try out a new nunchunck. i figured if it didn't help i would just return later that afternoon. After opening the box oh so carefully I plugged it in and most of my problems were fixed. The new one seemed to be much tighter and more response. I did the rock mario level on the 1st or 2nd try. It could be the new nunchuck or it could be what everyone talked about on feed back this week and that i was in a much better mood after picking up some pizza on the way home.

    Posted: June 2, 2010 5:06 PM
  • jleack

    Good game but the Wii really limits what they were able to do. The graphics are last-generation, and the controller really kills it. I'm too focused on this generation to be bothered with such a game.

    Posted: June 2, 2010 3:00 PM
  • MartiansfromUranus

    SMG2 is awesome. and so is the wii. WHY U HATERS!!!

    Prankster comets are HARD! but, at least t gives the game something hard. Most of the game is really easy, with the exception of bosses, who are alot harder than in the last game. But, the exception to THAT would be Bowser and Bowser Jr., who are still just as lame and easy as last time. That is a letdown. Bowser is supposed to be the boss of all bosses, but no, you know exactly what to expect by the second fight.

    Posted: June 2, 2010 1:27 PM
  • crocodilius

    platformers make more sense in 2d side scrolling action
    we dont see them in 3d because people just cant pull them off

    Landstalker still the best platformer of all time, you L2P or GTFO.

    Posted: June 2, 2010 1:14 PM
  • Slayinfool

    I love Mario, but i just can't play the Nintendo Wii anymore. I tried, I really did try to give this darn thing a chance, but I can't stand the Wiimote and Nunchuck. Even my girlfriend who is diehard Nintendo, feels alienated by this thing. It's obvious to me Nintendo will have to make the jump to a next gen console before Microsoft and Sony do, so I really hope another Wiimote nunchuck combo isn't going to be the only option to play games with? A "Pro" controller of some sort sounds good to me. So I welcome the idea!

    Posted: June 2, 2010 1:04 PM