Star Wars The Old Republic - Sith Warrior

Posted: June 1, 2010
Star Wars The Old Republic - Sith Warrior
Take a look at the jedi-killing Sith Warrior class as part of the new Star Wars The Old Republic video game.

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  • MightyLemur

    To be honest, I've been backing Guild Wars 2 for a long time.
    I've been excited for it and hoping it could be the WoW killer.

    Now i'm worried that half of potential MMO and GW2 customers are going to be stolen by this amazing looking game, because well, it does look like it's going to be great! I wish i signed up for beta now. >_<</safety_wrapper&g t;

    Posted: December 6, 2011 12:44 PM
  • Big_Cat04

    Alright I'm gonna sound like a jackass, but is this coming out on the PS3? i played the first two KOTOR games on the original xbox and loved them, now I would kill for this to come out on a sony platform.

    Posted: December 2, 2011 12:22 PM
  • Draconax

    Played in the last few betas, and I've been enjoying the hell out of the game. Even my gf who doesn't really enjoy SW has enjoyed SWTOR. We both love the true RPG feel of the game, actually getting to play a legitimate character, rather than a set of stats with a skin overtop. I definitely feel that the white wolf guys were right when they said that SWTOR isn't really an mmo, but a large scale single player RPG, with some multiplayer attached, and I'm alright with that. I often felt the desire that I could just hit an option to disable seeing other players so that I could more fully enjoy the RPG experience. As far as story goes, this is top notch BioWare storytelling once again.

    Posted: December 2, 2011 7:36 AM
  • PainGod

    I'm really excited about this game. I loved the original Kotor and I feel like i was one of the few who actually played and enjoyed Kotor 2 lol. It's horrible to hear all these WoW fanboys beat up on it cause really its star wars. It's hard to F that up, unless your George Lucas making edits to the original to put it on blue-ray. I saw someone complained about there not being enough RPG elements when there really is. You have advanced classes to go through and put many hours into, crew skills that can be leveled up so your crew can craft and gather new and better things, and then you have flashpoints and tons of pvp. If you want a crazy amount of freedom go play eve online, it makes WoW look like a casual MMO. Besides look at the original Mass effect, it had a pretty awesome story but the gameplay mechanics were a little clunky but what did everyone remember about it? The story! Just like its going to be with this one, some may find the mechanics lacking but its like going to story time and complaining about the color of the carpet.

    Posted: December 2, 2011 5:48 AM
  • Cloudcrusher

    To all the nay-sayers talking trash about this game... just go back to playing World of Warcraft and talk yourself into believing your jaded biased opinion matters. Your negativity is not needed or welcome in The Old Republic. Based on my experiences in the beta, I for one am ending my subscription to WoW first because SWtOR IS awesomely fun and secondly there are just too many elitist Blizzard fan-boys who have ruined many MMOs. That false sense of superiority most WoWers seem to have coupled with that need to try to cut everyone else down around you is so played out. Srsly! You people need to pull heads out of your nether regions and go interact with REAL people in the REAL world...Oh wait that's right, you play WoW and act that way because you hate the real you. Sorry I forgot that playing a community based fantasy game gives you a false sense of awesomeness especially when you can hide behind a keyboard and no one will ever see what a POS loser you really are. My bad... Just so you know, when you're standing in Orgrimar or Stormwind comparing sword sizes with each other you're still inadequate human beings. *Sighs* Silly angry WoWers when are you going to learn that its all fake and nothing you do in that game matters in real life. There will always be someone out there whose better than you or has something that you don't. Because you're so stuck on that particular game, when it comes to other MMOs you're like those cranky old people who are afraid of change, which is what BioWare is trying to do with this MMO. Hey I'm not saying that if you don't like a game based on your experiences of similar games, that you're not entitled to your opinion. In the end no one is forcing you to play anything new. And you're not getting paid to play or write reviews, so leave that to professionals like Sessler and the crew here. They do a better job at it. But until you put the time in to make your own MMO or learn the mechanics of making a game, you really have no leg to stand on with crass opinions of how you think a game should be comparatively to the game you're obsessed with. Sure, sure, sure you can compare the SW Beta to WoW all you want, but the fact of the matter is this... YOU DIDN'T PLAY THE FINISHED GAME. Just by that fact alone your opinion loses some credibility. And let me ask you this, was WoW perfect when it launched... NO. It took 7 years to make it what it is today. And honestly WoW hit it's peak with Wrath of the Lich King. It's been in a steady state of decline since. That's just my opinion though.

    I did get to beta test Star Wars and personally I loved it. Yeah it had similar elements to WoW with regard to the user interface, but that was it really. It's a story based MMO which WoW is not. In the Old Republic the content revolves around you and your choices. Your character matters in that universe, which is a refreshing change from just being another face in the crowd in games like WoW. The combat isn't like WoW either in the fact that you actually HAVE to pick and chose your attacks actively. There is no auto-attack which makes fighting a bit more pro-active and challenging. As for space battles, yeah its like an arcade shooter, but I think the developers added this aspect to give the game as another layer of content that's meant to give you a break from running around doing quests on these worlds. But yeah I'm not going to lie, the space combat was a bit frustrating at times, though once you get the hang of targeting it can be fun. The group questing and flashpoints (dungeons) were easy to get into and quite fun especially when you rolled for whose dialogue gets chosen to move the story along. All in all I thought it was an innovative game. It was very much like Knights of the Old Republic, but much broader in its approach. I can't wait to play the finished product. *finishes rant*

    Posted: December 1, 2011 10:38 PM
  • Getsuga

    Wow is a horrible game. This game destroys wow. Stiff fighting? what kind of rig do you have because it was smooth and flawless for me. Everyone that bashes this game is a Fanboi of something, whether it be wow or fps games.
    This is a step forward and will destroy its competition. I remember when it took wow over a year to get close to 1mil subs... In America alone in hard copies of the game has over 900k pre ordered, this doesn't count digital sales or Europe or Asia.....Tell me something how is it that this is happening if this game doesn't have potential or just plan out sucks? It doesn't.

    Posted: December 1, 2011 9:44 PM
  • darthno2

    Playing the beta has ending my hopes of this being a good game. The gameplay was so terrible I couldn't even enjoy the story. This is not the large version of KOTOR I wanted it to be, it's a hack and slash version of WOW with some questionably designed skins. Why does this game assume from the second you turn it on that you've played and enjoyed WOW? Anyone else get that impression? If you can even get to where you want to go there is little to do besides vigerously pressing 1 and clicking the mouse button. In two weekends of play, including 4 characters I haven't come across any noteable rpg elements that compel me to keep trying the game. Why is there no list of keyboard controls and why is this game void of nearly all customization options so I can further enjoy my gameplay? Does anyone else find movement annoying? Why can't I use my mouse to move? Why can't I customize hotkeys or function keys? I have a full keyboard and I spent most of my time pressing one key. For as little as I use the keyboard I'd rather use my xbox controller and at least be comfortable. My characters only moved at 45* segments and I spent too much time trying to fix/position my camera behind my character. This game is another example in the growing line of games showing Bioware as a regressive company overshadowed by the super-intelligent-know-it-all- thinkers at EA who just don't want to leave companies to do what they want. They never should have announced the release before putting out a beta; this game easily needs another 6 months of development before being street tested again. Other than puchasing a few discs in the store, this game also needs a plan to launch free-to-play because with the terrible gameplay mechanics that lack rpg elements and has an ungodly monthly subscription price at $15 for an incomplete game, in my opinion will crush profits before the first expansion will be released. Maybe when they announce the new free-to-play model within a year after its release they will have corrected some of my problems with the game and I'll try it again, but I'm not holding my breath. So much promise, so much disappointment. I know a lot of you people here liked the game. I'm a huge Star Wars fans and a supporter of Bioware for many years, I wanted this game to be good but this is not a game that appeals to me. It's a tragedy and it makes me sad, for the franchise and the developer. I think of the year I played Galaxies when it first came out and all I can think now about this game is: "Here we go again."

    Posted: November 30, 2011 9:51 PM
  • BoydofZINJ

    In my long spiel i almost forgot to mention that garbarge called Space Flight: think 1990 Galaga with Star Wars music ... yeah.... no ty... but its being forced on us... oh well!

    Posted: November 30, 2011 6:40 PM
  • Mr FreeZe BaRDocK

    OK so here goes. I Love 80% of all SW game's few stupid one's that felt like garbage money scheme's. Plus i 100% LOVE EFFING LOVE SW The Clone War's, dk why but i do. need to catch up on the latest season :( missed it haven't gotten to torrent it or even find it in store's. ANYWAY's!! I love SW game's i currently have only like 3 or 4 best one's being KOTOR 2 and Jedi Academy 2. But those game's are amazing, JUST ONE THING that keep's bugging me and it keep's bugging the crap out of me is how stiff the characters feel. the story's are amazing but OMG it's like 5 Frames ps faster than Super Mario lmao Jk it's annoyingly clunky though. It's probably just an MMO thing but like idk if it's just me but i need it to be more smooth and have an arm move like 2 joints not just one bone all across

    Posted: November 30, 2011 5:15 PM
  • jungan

    I played in the beta again. I was able to have sexy time with a Sith Lord. Twas surprising.

    Posted: November 30, 2011 5:48 AM
  • JariahSyn1990

    I plated the beta and loved it! The sith warrior was pretty sick especially when i specialized in the muarader class. Definite must buy.

    Posted: November 30, 2011 2:56 AM
  • Crixe

    This trailer is a bit misleading they actually applied UVW maps to all characters and interactive objects adding additional sense of depth to models. What these maps do is apply a second level of texture to every object giving it a sense of added detail without using a lot of resources. They also allow you to pick custom maps for your character such as scaring, tattoos eye color, head shape (from several presets) , makeup, skin color, facial hair, and it's all preformed in such a way as to give you a character that is so unique that you'll never see another one exactly like yours. Literally millions of possible combinations. Armor wise even when you start off as soon as you gear up into your first suit of armor they give you real armor using a clever system of blank models with colorful repaints, so that even at low level you don't feel like your wearing crappy gear. The leveling grind is slower then most games, in the teens you won't blast threw levels it will take several hours to gain a level and weeks to hit max level. You gain solo companions that help you in questing but group quest are difficult and near impossible do to on your own unless your at-lest 5 levels higher then the monsters your fighting (with the Bounty hunter at lest and that is one of the stronger classes wearing all Heavy armor and being a tank or healer class depending on specialization). The game releases on December 20, 2011.

    Game play is Role play extremely story driven putting players right in the seat of there charters and when in a group you can even see the interactions and speech of others and gain points called Social points.

    The instance play or Flash points allow you to enter instances and go for blue quality (depending on the instance at-lest) and gear drops will always be for the classes included in the zone so no more useless drops (most of the time).

    PVP allows players to que from any zone.
    Ship travel allows for players to go anywhere in the galaxy with there own star-ship.
    Land travel much the same.

    Overall the whole system incorporates many many aspects one wants from a SWKOTR game and combined it with the freedom to play in a much larger world with friends anywhere. I expect great things from this game as time goes on and further content updates are implemented. It may not be a WoW killer but it will hold it's weight. Bioware made a good game the voice acting is fantastic, and this player can't wait to play 5 days early see all you fans in game.

    Posted: November 29, 2011 8:25 PM
  • hoof_hearted4

    didnt get to play the Sith Worrior (but i did play the Jedi) and i have to say, i am impressed with the game. im deff getting it Dec 20th!

    bounty hunter was my favorite class. followed by trooper

    Posted: November 29, 2011 7:15 PM
  • BoydofZINJ

    Since the NDA was lifted on THIS weekends last beta/stress test I can honestly say the following things:

    SWTOR has allot of good things about it, and some bad.

    First of all, it is no WoW killer. It may be a Rift killer. It may move Rift to number 3 spot in MMOs. However, allot of people I know are avoiding SWTOR. Some of it just and some not. I know a few people who dont like sci fi. Personally, i hate dwarves, elves, and magic and like sci fi better! However, there are allot of peeps who will not touch a Light Saber but will pick up a fire sword that is green (folks it is the same thing).

    Second, there are no High Res textures. Expect a "dated" old graphics engine while playing. Yet their cut scenes movies (only seen in intros) are incredible. If you are into detailed and realistic graphics - this game will not be for you. Do not expect any tpye of high res textures for months or years. IF EVER.

    Third, MMOs are really suppose to be MMORPG -Massive Multiple Online Role Playing Games. However, many games (including WoW and RIFT) have lost the RPG element of the MMO. Very little Role-playing and Story is being developed by WoW or Rift or most MMOs lately. SWTOR is bringing back story and you can role-play a good Sith or evil Sith or somewhere in between. I think this is excellent... finally there is a story and reason we are clicking 1 or 2 or 3.

    Fourth, there is no FOUR! DUH!

    Next, SWTOR brings has the worse UI I have seen in a triple A title in years! YEARS! It is clunky and unforgiving and not customizable. This is TOTALLY unexceptionable, every player plays on their computer and games differently. I may not want to look at the bottom left for my companions menu and may not want to replace one of the FEW quickbars I have with my companion's!

    Sixth, They took away PvP lowbie gear! I dont understand why they did this... did you know you could use PvP as an alternate way of leveling a character and they even had good and great gear every 2 to 7 levels? Yet they took it away! It may return... it may not. I am not sure why they took decent alternate gear away - but made PvP a viable way to level up still. Did you know you can out level your quests by PvPing too much?

    Seventh, HUTTBALL. If you have not played Huttball then you have not PvPed! HUTTBALL IS THE BESTEST thing SWTOR did right! I am wanted in over seven sectors for illegal HUTTBALL roughings!

    Eighth, EZMODE. I am not a WoW fan... I like to lose, and I like to get frustrated and learn to overcome hardship and problems. SWTOR makes most encounters too easy. Even on group encounters I soloed a majority of these encounters. There is no reason to make the game so EZMODE! I only died to PvP in this last beta/stress test go and made it to past level 20+ from scratch.

    Lastly, I want SWTOR to succeed and have hopes but it still scares me. Look at STO - Star Trek Online. UGH. Some of the class stories are better than others. I know some are personal differences but there are some stories that are.... TERRIBLE. No other way I can put it. I am beginning to think Bioware did it on purpose. The worse beginning storyline is... SITH Warrior. Read my reply below and be careful it will have some minor spoilers.

    Posted: November 29, 2011 6:56 PM
  • SoldierSpider

    cannot wait get this game that my first class i going play as

    Posted: November 29, 2011 5:56 PM
  • crocodilius

    i would be playing TOR beta right now but... VOLIBEAR JUST CAME OUT!
    om nom nom

    (ps: i still main Shyvana cuz its faceroll godliness.
    pss: my old main is renekton who actually takes skill)

    Posted: November 29, 2011 5:31 PM
  • macross2012

    With the free beta weekend for everyone before the final release, its rather funny to see how many WOW players are posting that they are leaving WOW for SWTOR. The stress test over the weekend that I am sure many of you playing who are reading this msg was a complete success. It also gave players who have not tried the game a change to play before they buy..

    Clearly the new king of MMOs SWTOR will beat out WOW.. The end is near blizzard..

    See you all in SWTOR :)

    Posted: November 29, 2011 4:57 PM
  • Tank_VA

    I played the weekend beta the sith warrior is a straight up BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: November 29, 2011 4:55 PM
  • BuddyJesus

    Graphics don't make games... The story does. That being said, this games story depth is ridiculous. It's the largest voice-over production ever created... More voice acting than any other game or movie...

    I honestly am nervous about the mmo aspect of the game but to be honest I could care less if the mmo side fails as long as they give me the Bioware storytelling.

    Posted: June 14, 2010 8:19 PM
  • obvious2me

    Graphics sure as hell make a game bad, and thats exactly what is shown here.

    I'm well aware that graphics need to be lowered for MMOs, but almost down to that of Halo CE for the freakin xbox???, with better animations?!!? That far down, really?

    Seriously, compare Halo vs This, you'll see slightly better character models and environment textures.

    Posted: June 3, 2010 11:45 PM