Feedback -- Halo: Reach Beta And Activision + Bungie Lovefest Edition

Posted: May 5, 2010
Feedback -- Halo: Reach Beta And Activision + Bungie Lovefest Edition
Thanks for making so much news lately, Activision! Adam Sessler, Andrew Pfister, J.P. Shub, Abbie Heppe and Patrick Klepek head into the studio to discuss this massive partnership, the Halo: Reach beta and much, much more.

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  • Monkey-King

    All I want out of Call of Duty: Black Ops is a 'Ice Station Zebra' level. The Cold War was an awesome time and there are so many good stories you can take from that era without making it the clap-trap Hideo Kojima makes up.

    Posted: May 6, 2010 11:14 AM
  • biowarewolf

    On the subject of a Black Wii, as someone who bought the Wii on the day it launched I've got a few things to interject, specifically to those bashing it as a console in general:

    First, the color scheme is a marketing tool - oh, hey! check out the Wii again! It's fresh and sleek now! - I can't imagine it is actually targeted at people who plan on purchasing a second Wii but rather on getting a new more new owners, especially with the new SM Galaxy coming out. Thanks to about $50 spent a long time ago I already have a Black Wii as well as Black Wii controllers thanks to some fairly easy mod hardware - while this was obviously just an aesthetic purchase, I'll echo the sentiments of those who have Black Wiis and say that it looks a lot better when set among my other consoles and TV, all of which are Black.

    Second, while the Wii is competing for market share against Xbox and PS3 it certainly is not in the same ballpark, it's practically playing a different sport. That said, my Wii was a great purchase; its easier to get people who dont play video games to try give it a go because the games are basically all the same controls (flail wildly at the appropriate time) and is very child friendly. Excluding Rock Band, I would gladly play Wii games like WarioWarez over any splitscreen PS3/Xbox game when I have people over - they are simply much more enjoyable in a casual environment.
    Your PS3/Xbox is your main course but your Wii can be your entree, desert or even that fruit flavored drink you hate to admit tastes good.

    Now, on the topic of gamers out-growing their hobby I'll posit that while you'll never truly stop enjoying gaming you will eventually get to the point where you have to weigh the amount of time you put in to any specific game and whether or not that game is worth it. I used to play pretty much every game when I was younger/in college, but once you get a career going you'll realize that you only have a small window each night that can be slotted as leisure you'll start really questioning the quality of the games you're playing and limiting the types of games you play. For example, when I was younger I would play incomprehensible hours of MMOs or games like Oblivion but now whenever I run around aimlessly exploring I feel like I'm wasting valuable time if I don't have a clear-cut objective.

    As for the slow/fast feel of Halo vs. Modern Warfare, I'll point out that in MW you may be technically alive longer but your time to kill is drastically shorter. By this I mean the time it takes you to kill someone (or die) from when you actually start taking damage; because Halo has shielding and the like there are more fast-paced rapid battles in shorter periods of time because people can actually get in to a close range scrum and not die instantly. This is what makes Halo more twitch, like your IDsoft brand of shooters (or more recently Valve) as opposed to the army-realism brand that started with Counter-Strike and carried through in to CoD/MoH which requires you to actually obey some kind of physical law in that you typically cannot run and gun and jump all over the place (and bunny-hopping does not exist).


    Posted: May 6, 2010 11:08 AM
  • CaptainSHOOK

    God Abbie, I love you.

    Posted: May 6, 2010 10:38 AM
  • GamebustaZX

    well another great feedback but as far as nintendo goes the Wii is bs and will for ever be bs just adding black color and tacking on extra dollor wont get you more sell nintendo needs to stop making these weak little consoles gen after gen most people dont even consiter the Wii a nex gen console with the Xob 360 and PS3 everytime a cool game is preveiwed or reviewed on g4 they always say its coming out for PS3 and xbox 360 the only time the Wii gets a game to it most of the time its an exslusive and its a game you would not want anyway I will never support ninendo until they put out I really console I would rather play the gamecube

    Posted: May 6, 2010 9:42 AM
  • ZORDONofEltar

    halo reach= star wars republic commando

    Posted: May 6, 2010 8:46 AM
  • ComplexedOne

    I will be buying a black Wii, only because I currently don't have a Wii.

    The Wii never really caught my attention as a game platform, so I never really bothered to pick one up. However, I have a three year old who has become entralled with the display unit that they have at the local GameStop. And he is actually quite good at Super Mario Galaxy.So, a shiny new black Wii is going to be his birthday present in a few months.

    Other than people like me, buying one as a gift, I have to agree that Nintendo may be making a misstep here. This late into the game, if you wanted a Wii, you got one. Most likely you have the Motion Plus and Wii Sport Resort. Must wonder if I am missing something here.

    Posted: May 6, 2010 7:48 AM
  • GatsuBlackSword

    Klepek, you always have such rad shirts man! I think I asked you this before man where did you get your Terry Bogard Shirt ? I want that!

    Posted: May 6, 2010 7:38 AM
  • Elliott_Ness

    I will be 28 this year I have bought a home, I have been married for about 3 years and I found out today my wife maybe pregnant, I'm finally going to get my damn degree in a year I will accomplish this by taking a year leave with no pay from my job so that I can totally devout myself in my studies, and all of this may very well culminate in me branching off in a new career path and I also want to start a fruit winery in about 3 years from now (I kid you not).

    With all of this said the question of the death of video games in my life is blaringly present.

    I don t think that I will stop liking video games but the time to devout to playing them is getting increasingly stressed so far my library has shrunk. I bought one game for 2010 Assassins Creed 2 and I plan to buy Halo Reach THAT IS IT!

    For me such an event is equivalent to the coming of Jesus Christ normally would have collected 10 to 20 games easily within a year, some I would have completed, others I would have started and dropped.

    Now I find that story and the potential experience or the last experience I had within a title is everything. With those criteria in hand, titles that I have an interest in have dwindled severely.

    Ultimately, will this eventually end in the death of gaming for me? Since TIME is becoming a serious factor to consider.

    I guess only the future can tell.

    Posted: May 6, 2010 7:33 AM
  • Drakonzo

    Sessler was really on the ball with the random ad-libs this week. I laughed way more than usual. It seems the more positive feedback you get from us about the podcast the more you guys take it seriously and try to make it increasingly entertaining/informational. SO keep up the good work.

    P.S. IMO the experience with reach beta is far more engaging and newish than halo 3 beta ever was. It seems they have come close to their goal, which is to give Halo players more means of strategy and variety, rather than just clinch shooting.

    Posted: May 6, 2010 5:07 AM
  • zeekXXL

    Abbie looked adorable when the "Halo Project Runway" came up

    Posted: May 6, 2010 4:58 AM
  • zeekXXL

    I have to say this, Abbie looked adorable come the "Halo Project Runway" comment

    Posted: May 6, 2010 4:53 AM
  • jdsonic14

    abbie heppe's hair is down. simply amazing

    Posted: May 6, 2010 4:06 AM
  • YoureSoFunny

    Alright I hated Halo 3 I like this Reach game.........Now Bungie stop with the halo games let this sit for a while for at least 1 1/2 years and please just make a remake (Just enhance the graphics) to the best online game you have ever made which was HALO 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: May 6, 2010 2:03 AM
  • Scaramoosh

    I don't get the Bungie hype, really they've done nothing worthwhile since Halo CE. Even that was pretty generic, with a poor story and really boring characters you can't have any empathy for. Then you have the real poor level design which feels copied and pasted over and over again at points like it was all pre generated. You can compare it to making a map with the Timesplitters map maker on the PS2. Frigging not only that but 2/3 of the way through the Flood ruin the only good thing about the game (the A.I) and then you have to backtrack through all the levels you've been through.

    As a PC guy I've never understood why people love Halo so much. Really the only people I know who liked it were 12 and it was their first FPS experience on the console. So that's what I mean by the game being worthwhile, because it did introduce new people to the genre.

    Since then they did a lackluster Halo 2 where fans of Halo hated it. They put that up against Half-Life 2 which made me laugh because Half-Life 2 just made Halo look so old and dated. Gameplay wise too Half-Life 2 did so much more and gave so much more, then the SDK mods came and improved upon it. That's an experience you don't get with other developers and why I love Valve so much becuase they support their community and people like Bungie really don't.

    Then you get Halo 3 which really is like... WHY HAVEN'T YOU EVOLVED ANYTHING? It's like playing a JRPG where they haven't gone anywhere and it is getting really boring. On top of that it was my first Halo multiplayer experience and I just don't see why you'd play it over Counter Strike? The guns are so useless in Halo 3 that everyone just uses a melee attack to kill eachother :\ This is a frigging trend that has entered FPS because of Halo and it isn't a good one, just like the frigging regenerating health. BFBC2 and COD both make it way easier to melee so everyone just does that. I'm thinking "aren't we playing an FPS here?" I don't wanna be frigging knifing everyone!

    In Counter Strike the Knife is a manual switch (instead of an I win button) and you only use it as a last resort. You always switch to your pistol first if you are out of ammo because the gun play is so good. It's how guns work in real life where the person with the gun has all the power. You never see soldiers running upto eachother and knifing because that is frigging stupid and you will get shot before you get anywhere near.

    Another example of console ruining gaming!

    Posted: May 6, 2010 1:22 AM
  • flipfreak

    adom this is 4 u if 3d gaming becomes the norm will u quit ???

    Posted: May 6, 2010 12:59 AM
  • idano412

    Dongle Kongle. That sounds like a perfect Wii Motion Plus title. Definitely family friendly.

    Posted: May 5, 2010 11:39 PM

    nice to hear other people are enjoying the armor lock as much as i am and good as alway btw should i really buy deadly premonition or what im not so sure i want to spend $20 on a game just for a few laughs is it really worth it?

    Posted: May 5, 2010 11:14 PM
  • DarthHerter

    is it just me or does abbie love to hear herself speak, because she literally talked over everybody in the show. she cuts people off and answer question that wasn't directed toward her. its kinda of annoying at times too.

    now since everyone disagree with me -1 lol

    Posted: May 5, 2010 10:56 PM
  • Raisinbman

    Good stuff. I'm enjoying the fact Bungie isn't scared to introduces classes and differences into Halo Reach. Haven't played much Halo 3, but my friends rocked me at Halo 2, especially snipers. I prefer the class system(I think a REALLY good example is TF2) due to the fact that if a sniper isn't allowing me to do X, I can do Y. Or switch classes to instagib him.

    P.S. Snipers aren't Saikyo and I dislike you. Alot.

    Posted: May 5, 2010 10:38 PM
  • CareyGrant

    I'd like to see Feedback go to a bi-weekly format. It's easily one of the best features on G4 and I often get the impression that y'all might have more to say -that and I really hate having to wait a week for the next Feedback.

    Good Show.

    Posted: May 5, 2010 10:38 PM