Win a World Exclusive Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun

Posted: April 26, 2010
Win a World Exclusive Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun

It's time for another Epic Giveaway. Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip reveal today's prize, a world exclusive limited edition Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun Toy from Super 7.

First, congratulations to the winners of the iHome Studio Series iP1 dock: Daniel C. of Lockhart, TX, Gil M. of Ferndale, MI and Edgar V of San Jose, CA. 

Today's Epic Giveaway:
Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun
[Artist's Proof]

Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun

The Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun stands a whopping 24 inches tall, and includes all of the features that you expect from the Jumbo Machinder toys of the '70s and '80s: free rotating wheels on the bottom of his feet, and a spring-loaded Rocket Punch firing fist. Collectors of both Japanese and Star Wars memorabilia are sure to be impressed with the care taken to fuse these distinct concepts into one unique entity.

Utilizing the same techniques implemented by Japanese toy manufacturers in the 1970s, the Super Shogun is constructed from durable, blow-molded polyethylene with a painted vinyl helmet. The figure is articulated at the neck and shoulders, and includes a removable, highly-detailed BlasTech E-11 laser blaster. This marks the first authentic Super Shogun produced in over twenty-five years.

The Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun isn't available until May 29th so the winner will be the first person to own one, not to mention they'll be receiving an ultra-collectible artist's proof!

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    It's so cool it messed up my spelling

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    Love to have taht

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    Man, I would give my left nut for that beauty.

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