Gears of War 3 "Ashes to Ashes" Debut Trailer

Posted: April 13, 2010
Gears of War 3 "Ashes to Ashes" Debut Trailer
Take your first look at the concluding chapter of Epic Games gritty Gears of War series in this debut trailer for Gears of War 3.

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  • papajon555

    news on Gears3 trailer:Cole and Baird are in it,the chick is actually Anaya,possibly the locust and Delta squad are teaming up and fighting the lambet and/or corrupted COG's,Dom just wants to die and go with his family,and Marcus is getting tired of Dom attitiude and just want to kill locust/lambet/COG butt!

    Posted: April 13, 2010 6:40 PM
  • chadster303

    I suspected for quite some time that there was another Gears on the way. One question I'm asking is whether there will be vehicles in both campaign and multiplayer. Chainsaws AND running people down in a vehicle of some sort would be sweet.

    Posted: April 13, 2010 6:38 PM
  • AngelsandDemons

    Superb trailer

    You see that look of hopelessness when Dom looks at the Ashes of the mother holding her chid and you understand it...

    You see the way Marcus looked at Dom when he was about to quit? He looked at him like "yeah, what now...get up B%ch!"

    4 player campaign co-op...pleeease

    Posted: April 13, 2010 6:11 PM
  • blakseed

    I want this now.

    Posted: April 13, 2010 6:02 PM
  • Razorblad110

    i believe i just came...

    Posted: April 13, 2010 5:31 PM
  • Otacon98

    most awesome series comes back again ^_^ so excited

    Posted: April 13, 2010 5:29 PM
  • mr de la cruz


    Posted: April 13, 2010 5:25 PM
  • kyoput

    Was that the girl from the comics? I kinda figured they would go in that direction. I just wanna know, is this a trilogy or will it keep going?

    Posted: April 13, 2010 5:23 PM
  • matt10897

    i think the ash was by those worms things

    Posted: April 13, 2010 5:20 PM
  • matt10897

    jeespot youra retard dom is the dude with the beard and baird is next to cole.dip

    Posted: April 13, 2010 5:15 PM
  • BeanrXecutionr

    you know this game is gonna head down the same path as halo. i hope they dont change the mechanics to much. new err uh old weapons showin up, cliche. now dont get me wrong, gears 2 online is still my favorite game to play online, but there is to much bullspit. people not dieing when they should, or dieing when you shouldnt, that and the fudgin chainsaw should be banned from online play. I think if all they did was smooth over the online spit for 3's multiplayer, you got game of the year material. the baby corpsers seem a lot less annoying than tickers, and look nuts. anya in some armor hell yea. and dom's crazy arse is gonna sacrifice himself to save the group in one way or another probably around the end of the game. its a shame cuz you know they will kill off dom befor bairde, i think audiences would like to see bairde die a horrible painful death after makin one of his dumbarse snyde remarks. and the recording, at the end of 2, i wish they would have eluded to that more in the teaser. all in all i feel the storyline will be predictable. landscapes and environments will be dark and bleak. gameplay mechanics will probably change up so much that it wont feel like gears(CB talked about RPG elements, new survival tatics, focused more on team control like rainbow six) but none the less will be a good game. just not the one we were used to. if i wasnt such a loyal epic player i probably wouldnt be even a little excited for this game.

    Posted: April 13, 2010 5:11 PM
  • Dr_Mindbender

    Nobody's identified the song yet?

    Mark Kozelek FTW!

    Posted: April 13, 2010 4:39 PM
  • chancanator

    oh my f ing GOD!!!!!!! Fncken finaly. i dont care how bad the online may get. the campain for this game is ganna be epic!!! i think this campain is one of the best ever made

    Posted: April 13, 2010 4:32 PM
  • nahsez

    i dont have an xbox so ive never really played and Gears games, but that trailer was sick!!

    Posted: April 13, 2010 4:31 PM
  • 25SecretAsianMan

    I also have a feeling this Gears is gonna have a way darker setting than the last games; you can tell by this trailer.

    Posted: April 13, 2010 4:02 PM
  • 25SecretAsianMan

    Damn, the song really set the mood for the trailer. Everyone looks at least 5 years older, so the story is really carrying on far.

    Posted: April 13, 2010 3:51 PM
  • lowkevmic

    I really don't see what everyone's problem was with Gears2. It picked up right where the first one left off, they had a ton of Downloadable content, new characters, new weapons, the addition of horde mode(which just about every shooter that followed suddenly included in their game). Not to mention that the look of the game was epic!! I loved the first one don't get me wrong, but since I never experienced all of the issues everyone else seemed to have with their multiplayer experience, I felt like the game was a major upgrade from the first. Although I will admit I could've done away with the whole chapter with them inside of the stomach of the giant worm!! It was really boring and I hated playing that part!! As long as they keep horde mode, and and actually build onto the already pretty small arsenal of weapons on the game instead of replacing weapons, then I'm pretty sure the game is gonna get a 5/5 with me. Judging by how G4 loves to give high scores to highly anticipated and much publicized games...Mass Effect2, Uncharted2, God Of War3...I can only assume they'll give this one the same amount of love as well!!

    Posted: April 13, 2010 3:04 PM
  • EvilShenanigans

    I don't even care for the Gears of War franchise, but that trailer was epic.

    Posted: April 13, 2010 2:58 PM
  • lowkevmic

    @Justinlars-If you remember near the end of Gears 2, the locust were fighting each other, because some of them spawned a new species of locust called the Lambent. Due to the high exposure to the immulsion for some of the locusts. Even in the first one we saw a quick glimpse of the lambent when you reached the part in the game where you had to fight off a horde of exploding glowing wretches.

    Posted: April 13, 2010 2:52 PM


    Posted: April 13, 2010 2:49 PM