Fujifilm FinePix Z37 Digital Camera Review

Posted: March 29, 2010
Fujifilm FinePix Z37 Digital Camera Review

Weighing only 4 ounces and just under an inch thick, Fujifilm's Z37 digital camera features 10 megapixels, face detection and one touch movie recording. Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip find out if this mini camera is worth its affordable $75 price tag.

What You Need to Know

  • This is definitely one of the smaller digital cameras we've reviewed
  • It’s extremely light and fits well in your hand or pocket
  • It does feel a little cheap
  • The buttons feel kind of random since they aren't in the normal places you're used to with a directional pad
  • Overall, they're cramped
  • Also, the battery cover will sometimes slide off accidentally when you're using it
  • When face detection works, it improves exposure and focus, but about half the time it won't find a face when there is clearly one there
  • Red-eye removal is about 50/50 too; it tries, but it's not always completely accurate
  • Overall, even with scene recognition, the features are nice to have and help a lot, but they don't work all of the time
  • Normal light pictures have accurate colors and look vibrant, but sometimes they might be a little over-exposed; overall, though, they look good
  • Low light pictures look good too; most of the time, the flash evenly exposes your subject, but again, you might get some blur because the camera isn't consistent
  • Even though it's not consistent, pictures still look good
  • It's small, light, and affordable, making it easy to keep with you all the time


  • $75

Overall Rating

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    One of the most importand features in a camera, I feel, is how long it takes between when you pull it out of your pocket to take a photo.
    There's nothing worse than a camera that takes like five seconds to turn on, then another second between when you push the button, and the shot is taken.
    Or one that takes the picture when you release the button.
    These are the things that will define which camera I'll purchase next, so if you could tell us, that'd be sweet as.


    Posted: March 30, 2010 12:07 AM
  • martyallee

    where are you finding this camera for $75??? target.com has this camera for $99 amazon has it for $109 and best buy has it $129 im very confused ...

    Posted: March 29, 2010 11:06 PM
  • BlackLable69

    Hey I want a shirt like that, in a different color though.

    Posted: March 29, 2010 8:26 PM