Electric Unicycle & Green Grand Prix

Posted: March 17, 2010
Electric Unicycle & Green Grand Prix

Thanks to advancing technology, people can become even lazier with a smaller impact on the environment. Check out the Honda U3X, an electric self-balancing unicycle that can travel up to 3.7 mph, or the EMXGP, the first electric car Grand Prix. At last, human ingenuity and ambition are actually aiding our ecosystem!


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  • NeotericWizard

    the unicycle is a good idea but 1 hour on a full charge?! I'm not sure if i miss heard but 1 hour c'mon, where am i gona ride this thing for an hour?? at a freaken hill billy prom ? giv it a boost maybe 3hrs at leas, then perhaps ppl can ride around the beach r the park or whatever for a decent amount of time. Other than that pretty cool

    Posted: August 12, 2010 1:02 PM
  • BlackLable69

    Make that Unicycle solar powered & as fast as a motorcycle & were one step closer to real life anime.

    Posted: March 18, 2010 4:58 PM
  • rocketeer

    i hate to pop your electric bubble, but you know that electric vehicles are only as green as the source of the electricity that charges them. If you look at how Spain makes the electricity that will power that "green" electric car rally, those cars will actually be running on 82% oil, gas and solid fuels, 12% nuclear, and only 6% renewables. Good on Spain for being a leader in wind power, but those green race cars? they're powered by carbon and radiation. you know what's actually green? public transit, walking, and bikes. but i guess they're not sexy enough.

    and those unicycles? they look really cool and fun, but if they are for seniors and the physically challenged, why are the people shown riding them young, hot and very able? also, about them being green, see above.

    the boat--now that was cool.

    Posted: March 17, 2010 11:30 PM