Sessler's Soapbox: Sony Makes a Casual Move

Posted: March 16, 2010
Sessler's Soapbox: Sony Makes a Casual Move
Adam sits down to talk about why he thinks the Playstation Move is an important development in the world of gaming.

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  • gambitjuggalo

    all this is with sony and microsoft is they both want a piece of the casual gamer money that the wii pulls in constantly.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 12:29 PM
  • Gamelife1

    if their is anything that should be taken away from this soapbox, it's where is our godamn lightsaber game.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 12:27 PM
  • CMcCon342

    I'm not worried about the games that are separate. I'm worried about the "real" game developers feel pressure to include stupid motion based elements to their games (see Uncharted 1 RCF:Tools of Destruction).

    Posted: March 16, 2010 12:19 PM
  • xdarkness06x

    whats the show that's on in the background? is the W.G.C. ultimate gamer season 2? i recognize that girl with the ski slope nose. Anyone know?

    Posted: March 16, 2010 12:13 PM
  • WildfireFox

    I don't mind the motion control thing. I'm probably not going to get it because... well, it doesn't really interest me at the moment.

    But... I also don't really care about a light saber game either. No offense; Just not into Star Wars at all.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 11:58 AM
  • chantler

    I have no interest in the Move (lame name imho). I will probably play it once or twice if the opportunity arises. I completely agree with Sessler, I want my light saber game, in fact I JUSt had a dream where I was using Darth Vaders light saber. Why is Lucas Arts NOT putting out the games we want? I would kill a man for a new X-wing/Tie fighter game! Come on Lucas Arts... we'll give you money!

    Posted: March 16, 2010 11:56 AM
  • mikester3127

    The playstation move doesn't look like an extremely revolutionary thing. It looks like a casual experience and could be fun. The thing I don't like about Wii is I can sit on my couch and flick the controller and do the game. I hope that the Move will actually make you move and not just have a preset waggle control. it also looks like it's more precise than the Wii.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 11:46 AM
  • RinceJester

    I agree with all which you said. I fall into the more hardcore segment of gaming so I can only speak from that perspective. While I agree with it not effecting my enjoyment at least as it has been promoted, what worries me and maybe worries others is the possibility of those hardcore games such as SOCOM, dropping the controller support for only move support at some point in the future. Congrats to MS and Sony for (possibly) creating products which reach a broader audience, but I just hope they don't force it on the players which do not want it

    Posted: March 16, 2010 11:42 AM
  • Heartland

    Adam is right. I think it's a different way for sony and gives them a chance to make breakthroughs, should they put the right poeple to work with the 'move' but still, it doesn't seem to original. On the feedback panel last week, while still in GDC, they were talking about how Socom 4 really isn't a good choice for putting it on the 'move', since it's been based on the controller since, what 2002? They should have made a new shooter game based solely on this new devise to give it a 'fresh' quality.
    I don't think I'll find any interest personally, becuase i work through games, i don't like them to work me. Also why i dont like the wii.
    Good explanation though, on Adam's part.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 11:37 AM