God of War III First 15 Direct-Feed Gameplay

Posted: March 16, 2010
God of War III First 15 Direct-Feed Gameplay
The wait to one of 2010's most-anticipated titles is finally over! Saddle up and mount your favorite Titan as we scale Mount Olympus with Kratos to take down Zeus and company in the First 15 minutes of God of War III.

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  • Edonna

    This is the Best God of War Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: April 9, 2010 11:01 AM
  • renholder78

    Im a 360 guy myself and i always will be but, im getting the ps3 for this game and maybe uncharted

    Posted: March 19, 2010 2:39 PM
  • AvengerDdub

    I now have my reason to buy a PS3...this game looks masterful!

    Posted: March 19, 2010 1:38 PM
  • nomader

    Can someone please read my bio and find out why I am so upset?

    Posted: March 16, 2010 11:11 PM
  • kajun989

    oh wow..lol..wow oh wow..
    and im an xbox360 guy.
    but this is friggin epic..
    This is pure, technological beauty..a work of art, better than that stupid avatar dances with smurfs movie, lol
    It's things like these that makes me want to put down the console war sword,
    and just settle for the beauty that all consoles have to offer..
    I have not felt like this since I was psyched over Gears of War 2,
    or playing Chrono Cross back on psx, wanting to dive back into Chrono Trigger..and
    even waiting for a Chrono Trigger 3. This felt like..discovering secret worlds in mario,
    or reaching really far in Sonic the Hedgehog back in Genesis days.., or Defeating Gym leaders in Pokemon..Playing Golden Sun..or Opening a brand new TMNT 3 for NES..just epic stuff. You can't beat this feeling...

    Posted: March 16, 2010 6:47 PM
  • RockieOllie


    Posted: March 16, 2010 4:02 PM
  • fpsjoe

    just beat it....AMAZING!!! I thought the ending was really good and the 1st person kill cam is awesome!

    Posted: March 16, 2010 2:37 PM
  • bigboi21

    Well, now that i've seen the first 15 mins...time to go do it, and the other hours upon hours of gameplay i got a head.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 2:24 PM
  • Gamelife1

    I'm so glad my school computers suck and won't let me watch this video. The game should be waiting for me at home as long as Amazon came through and I don't want any spoilers.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 10:22 AM
  • diescreaming

    If there is such a thing as too epic, then this would be it.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 10:08 AM
  • Frags

    Anyone wanna let me borrow their PS3 for a little while?

    Posted: March 16, 2010 10:05 AM
  • DamionF

    ummm... i think i just soiled myself. wow this game looks like its on another level. definitely will be getting this one.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 9:57 AM
  • Blackkro

    just watching that, I want this game more and more!!!

    Posted: March 16, 2010 9:51 AM
  • Completist

    Holy crap.......that was amazing. :)

    Posted: March 16, 2010 9:42 AM
  • ac13bx

    tempted to watch the video but i want to see it for myself on my flat screen tonight when i play it.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 9:30 AM
  • youngvash

    ummmm. awesome? duh.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 9:29 AM
  • SereneSNIPER

    OH MY GOD! What did i just see?

    Posted: March 16, 2010 9:25 AM
  • RGforce

    looks amazing, how can kratos do a tornado, I dont remember that on the god of war 2. I rent it from Gamefly and now if I want to buy it I just have to pay $45. because is use, LOL use by me b'cause the game came out today LOL

    Posted: March 16, 2010 9:21 AM
  • T_Rexx

    Today the sun stands still !!!! Kratos is unleashed among us. May the survivors stay in hiding.

    Posted: March 16, 2010 8:42 AM