Sungale Cyberus Hybrid eReader Review

Posted: March 8, 2010
Sungale Cyberus Hybrid eReader Review

If tablet computers are the wave of the future, then check out the Sungale Cyberus ID700. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn review the 7" touch screen device that works both as an electronic reader and portable media player with Wi-fi for only $200.

What You Need to Know

  • The Cyberus received a lot of online press recently because it's an affordable touch screen device that measures half an inch thick and weighs about a pound.
  • It feels a little cheap since it's made of plastic.
  • It has a 7" touch screen but the screen resolution is only 800 x480 (same as the Droid).
  • It doesn't look that pretty and your eyes might get get tired from looking at the white text on black ground (opposed to an E Ink display).
  • The device does come with a leather case.
  • You really have to press down on the touch screen, or use your fingernail to navigate.
  • There is a stylus, which is your best bet, but no multi-touch or double-tap to zoom.
  • The interface is not easy to use or fun to look at.
  • Sometimes the text will be formatted incorrectly or just completely cut off.
  • Overall, it's clunky but it works for the most part.
  • Sungale also includes features like YouTube, Picasa, news, weather, photo viewing and more, all of which work okay.
  • YouTube is pretty quick to load, but you can't search or watch videos full screen.
  • The text based apps like the news don't show the entire story.
  • Gmail only shows you unread email, so you can't look at your entire inbox.
  • IP Radio works well and uses the built-in speaker.
  • Overall, most of the features work but it's missing some basic stuff you'd expect out of a device.


  • $200


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