Canon Vixia HF S11 Camcorder Review

Posted: March 3, 2010
Canon Vixia HF S11 Camcorder Review

Don't sacrifice video quality with storage space when it comes to camcorders. Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira review the Canon Vixia HF S11 camcorder that features the DIGIC DV3 image processor, 64 gigs of storage, instant auto-focus and 24p cinema mode for $1,100.

What You Need to Know

  • As far as camcorders go, this is about the perfect size
  • It weighs about 1lb., so it's easy to carry around for long periods of time
  • It has uniform length and width, so it feels comfortable when shooting
  • The joystick on the LCD makes navigation pretty simple, but sometimes when you're moving it, you'll accidentally press it down and select something
  • Manual focus, photo capture, and other frequently used functions are all within finger's reach
  • Overall, it doesn't really need a touch screen
  • Features abound like dynamic image stabilization, 8 megapixel digital stills, capturing video in 24p or 30p, and a bunch of others
  • The super-range optical image stabilization makes a big difference, especially when zoomed in; movement is much smoother, but it does exaggerate that movement a little more than we'd like
  • It's nice to have the ability to take photos, but like most camcorders, they don't look as good as they should
  • Autofocus is super fast, much faster than a lot of other camcorders we've tested
  • 6 GB of internal memory and an SDHC card slot
  • Normal light footage looks spectacular; colors are vibrant and accurate and details are super sharp, so this is some of the best outdoor footage we've seen.
  • As for low light, it's below average; there is a larger amount of noise than we'd like to see, and motion trailing is way too obvious the darker it gets
  • Even though the image quality wasn't as amazing as we'd hoped, it's still some of the best


  • $1,100

Overall Rating

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