Samson Zoom Q3 Pocket Camcorder Review

Posted: February 25, 2010
Samson Zoom Q3 Pocket Camcorder Review

Does high quality video meets high quality audio with the Samson Zoom Q3, a pocket camcorder that features two built-in condenser mics and MPEG-4 video at 30 fps? Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn find out if this camera is worth the $250 price tag.

What You Need To Know

  • Our first impression was that the Q3 is huge for a pocket camera.
  • It's twice as thick as a Flip Cam and about 1" taller, obviously due to the condenser mic.
  • It's easy to you: recording and playback mimics a Flip in terms of layout, which should be familiar to those with pocket cameras.
  • The screen is a little bigger at 2.4" but it's deceiving, since the extra space is used for audio monitoring.
  • Some of the settings like mic gain are accessible by black plastic tabs on the side.
  • The downside is that you can easily move them around when in your pocket.
  • Most of the Q3 features revolve around the audio, giving you options to either record with video or simply as a sound recorder.
  • There's also a low cut feature that reduces background noise and low frequencies.
  • It also includes a 2 gig SD card.
  • Audio sounds great; you also have the option of changing your bit rate and choosing between mp3 or PCM formats.
  • Video is only 640 x 480 MPEG-4, which is nowhere near the quality of the Flip Mino HD (and sells in the same price range).
  • In daylight, the camera was okay but occasionally looked over exposed. In lower light, the footage was a bit dark.


  • $250
  • If audio is your specialty, then this camera is worth it.
  • If you prefer video over audio, then no.
  • If you don't mind lower quality video and a larger design, then the Q3 may be perfect.


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  • Lonestar-OMF

    Olivia and Kevin always make Gadget Pron sooo funny and good.

    Posted: August 24, 2010 11:26 PM
  • ReggieDino

    Double AA Batteries!? Boo... I really just want a good portable SFX recorder/mic. ::Audiophile::

    I like Kevin's punch "Here a feature you can do with anything!" Good One.

    Posted: February 28, 2010 12:14 PM
  • grubbster2

    lol :]

    Posted: February 28, 2010 5:38 AM
  • grubbster2

    olivia's a fool....

    Posted: February 28, 2010 5:35 AM
  • fr_A_nk

    chip chip cherio dont buy dont buy

    Posted: February 27, 2010 1:23 PM
  • fr_A_nk

    WTF no no no no no def. a no buy! unles you work in sports and need to record

    Posted: February 27, 2010 1:21 PM
  • Faigz777

    then buy a rechargable one..

    Posted: February 26, 2010 5:13 PM
  • Crabb90

    What the Hell? It seems alright except the batteries. Why doesn't it have a rechargeable battery?

    Posted: February 25, 2010 11:59 PM