Sessler's Soapbox: Heavy Rain is Ground Breaking

Posted: February 16, 2010
Sessler's Soapbox: Heavy Rain is Ground Breaking
Adam tells you why he feels so strongly about the importance of experimental story telling in the new PS3 game, Heavy Rain.

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  • RandyMercer

    I partially agree with James161324, I believe this is a game that some will love, some will hate, some will love to hate and vice, versa and sadly some who won't get it. While I firmly believe that this game is gonna open many developers eyes as to how they should go about executing their game, I don't see anyone trying to mimic Heavy Rain from what I have observed Heavy Rain is more than simple button mashing quick time events; from what I've heard you have to hold up to as many as five buttons at once, yeah I guess that qualifies as a QTE but it's more of a different breed of QTE not the same as in the God of War series. I believe this game is going to be my cup of tea, if for nothing else it'll be for the story, I like games that makes the human mind think of what they should do with what's presented in front of them.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 8:31 PM
  • ghettoe

    I really feel like buying it now.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 8:15 PM
  • JimMD102

    I knew that he was going to bring up Shadow of the Colossus! I knew it! It's probably the game that Sessler mentions the most, not that it's a bad thing. I found it funny because when he started talking about Heavy Rain, I started thinking Shadow of the Colossus almost instantly because that was a game that was very imperfect, but at the same time did things that no other games did in the same way (mainly in terms of narrative) and did them effectively enough to make it worth at least one playthrough. I still think that Shadow of the Colossus is the most overrated game of all time or one of them for a few reasons, but at the same time there were things I liked about it that made me appreciate that I decided to play it. It seemed like a good step towards the game I would eventually love and think of as being great. Regardless of what I will think of Heavy Rain, it seems to be a similar case and I can't wait to get the unique experience that it will offer.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 8:12 PM
  • TheFeedMack

    i havent played the game so i wont comment on it because i have an xbox so i probably wont play a game like this if i did have a ps3 and had the oppurtunity to get thi i wouldnt because i could just read a book that lets u have choices similar to what i have heard about this games description

    Posted: February 16, 2010 7:56 PM
  • boohoodman

    i thought this game was horrible and boring and repetitive

    Posted: February 16, 2010 7:07 PM
  • duvaldragon

    omg sessler found something to cover that big ass forehead lol!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: February 16, 2010 6:21 PM
  • IamtheBat


    When I first started playing the demo I wanted to throw down the remote, I hated the seemingly sloppy walking. But once I entered the first action sequence, Mind Blown! This is a definite buy for me, a amazing looking game with a nice story. The only true downside to this game is the boatloads of sony fanboys who just ignorantly speak as if this game is religious doctrine, actually that's the only big problem with most PS3 games, but I cant hold that against the game at all.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 6:07 PM
  • Zx2654

    Great job Sessler, I completelly agree with you and I will deffinently checkout this game. I have to say it's ironic how we've achived this level of interactive entertainment in this game by just pressing buttons. It's amazing.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:58 PM
  • thesilentmole

    That's funny because I thought Silent Hill: Shattered Memories often did a lot of what Adam was talking about, though obviously on less of a budget and with smaller tech, and yet he crapped all over that game. I think he made a real mistake in the way he approached Silent Hill, but that aside, if Heavy Rain is as good as it looks, I think I'll be very delighted in a couple of weeks.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:57 PM
  • MeganR

    They should fire their own Ad people and hire you. You make it sound good. The ads make it look like a very long movie that I wouldn't even want to watch because it doesn't look like anyone even says or does anything.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:47 PM
  • SpigotBlister

    You can't exactly call it a step forward or backward as much as you can a branch outward to a completely new style of game. I've played the demo and I'm pumped.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:47 PM
  • Jeprox

    My friends and I think Heavy Rain is this generation's version of the old point and click games of the past.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:38 PM
  • Basilisk1991

    I'm just going to say a few things, you xbox fanboys who say that this game "sux ass" are idiots, don't you dare pass judgement unless you have played the freakin' game! The next thing I want to say is that the "combat" in this game works, unlike in GoW where a single missed button press equals death or dismemberment, it realistic in the fact that you can and most likely take a few punches. Overall, the story is a fascinating crime drama, better than any videogame narrative before it because it covers so many viewpoints and has likable, relate-able characters. The game has flaws (what game doesn't), but they are either minor or bearable, I suggest that you at least try the demo on PSN.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:31 PM
  • SDwiz

    The game seems like some interactive movie.With all the button presses and shaking of the controller it's really something that casual gamers may like,I'm really not sure for hardcore gamers.Their are games for almost every taste,Action,Shooters,Sports,F ighting,Role Play,Music ect.I'm not saying hardcore gamers won't play it they just won't play it enough to where casual gamers will.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:27 PM
  • M6000

    Wow I played the demo and thought it was a super snooze fest. How is this game innovative it's not doing anything we haven't seen before that was really bad then. It's got the same detective mechanic we saw in Batman AA and it's as bad here as it was there and they same stupid button mashing sequence's we as we in God of War and Resident Evil 4. those games where great but those Mechanics sux now Heavy rain is a game with nothing but these Mechanics thats indeed why it will ultmately sux!!!!

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:19 PM
  • mEm00t

    Personally I have been looking forward to this game for some time and after trying the demo will most definitely being buying this game. The only word I can think of that describes this game is immersive I just felt like I was part of what was taking place on screen in a way that I have never before experienced.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 5:18 PM
  • James161324

    This is a game your going to love or hate.

    It just doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. I really don't like the quick action buttons.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 4:15 PM
  • cwhas2godhands

    meh... i'd rather just watch an episode of Dexter.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 3:48 PM
  • happymeowmeow

    The demo was impressive, but the voice acting really wasn't up to the standards set by the rest of the game. Pulled me out of the immersion they were trying to create. Or maybe I've been spoiled by games like Uncharted 2.

    I can't think of a connection between Heavy Rain and Duke Nukem 3D. Maybe it's there for contrast, to show how much of a different experience you can get from a videogame??

    Too many quality games being released at the same time. I probably won't get to play this until a few months after release, but definitely plan on checking it out.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 3:23 PM
  • grashlom

    Appreciated commentary Adam. I was initially on the fence with this game. I like the fact that the QTE don't just allow you to simply 'choose your own adventure' - I'm glad that there is some real pressure to the choices in the form of reflexes and quick critical thinking. I also like the aesthetics of this game too from the videos I've seen and the very adult vibe beyond just obligatory adult swearing found in Mature titles (not that I'm opposed to a well placed F-bomb now and then). I'm going to pre-order Heavy Rain this weekend.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 3:15 PM