Halo: Reach ViDoc: Once More Unto The Breach

Posted: February 12, 2010
Halo: Reach ViDoc: Once More Unto The Breach
Bungie developers examine their completely rebuilt-from-the-ground-up approach in their first developer diary for Halo: Reach.

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  • AkimboTrout

    Wow. I really, really want this game to be good; but, everything about it just screams, "Republic Commando!"

    Yes, the graphics look amazing. Yes, the animations look amazing. Yes, the A. I. looks amazing. But this game looks to not have a single original bone in its body.

    I really, really hope I'm wrong and Bungie puts something unique into this game.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 10:25 PM
  • ODSTreject

    its about time they get to the real center of halo i liked the master cheif and all but this will be so kick and im glad to finally see them get to the center. my best friend bought a stock in bungie and i know this is gunna blow up so hes gunna be rich and so am I. and bungie people everyone is looking forward to this game millons of the people in the U.S. are looking forward to this game and hoping it kills. (no presure)

    Posted: February 13, 2010 5:28 PM
  • JMason1984

    This looks like the Halo 3 that I wanted, without Master Chief, Arbiter, and Cortana.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 3:57 PM
  • Hazerdous2urhealth

    i had given up hope after odst, but i can honestly say, im rly excited for the beta, graphics look stunning (compared to other halos), so happy for new weapons, hopefully bungie can rly make some big changes that work, im wondering to see if this'll pull me away from CoD and killzone

    Posted: February 13, 2010 3:47 PM
  • B>K N.E.R.D

    This will be one of the most famed franchises in Halo history and i garuntee that my money will go to pre-odering this video game and I can't wait to see what the online multilayer will look like I'm so anxious

    Posted: February 13, 2010 11:27 AM
  • Alpaca-Wrangler

    that looks pretty impressive. That sneaky knife attack from behind looks awesome! I really like playing the more human side of halo. Dont get me wrong i love chief but i like this new stuff.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 11:07 AM
  • tymandy

    No Battle Rifle!:)

    Posted: February 13, 2010 10:33 AM
  • jarhead0213

    Holy friggin' God, HALO IS BACK!! The graphics and environments were w-w-wow and the new weapon and old weapons with new designs look amazing. They're bringing back the old trusty Halo: CE Magnum (and in my personal opinion it'd be great if they brought back some of the other pistols such as the Halo 2 pistol. Think of the duel-wielding awesomeness right there haha) and did anyone else see what looked like a gernade launcer at 6:40? Sick! The Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR).. Who can't deny that's not going to be the new go-to-weapon (I have a feeling that MLG players are going to eat that rifle up). And really who didn't really wanna go all ninja on a elite? That's just pure bad@ss to the core. The new vehicles that they added (military and civilian that we've seen) are just wicked. Hopefully in the multiplayer component you'd be able to drive the civilian vehicles as well. I've been waiting for a Halo to go to Reach, since I read the book, "The Fall of Reach" when it came out years ago. I was just kinda hoping that it'd be DLC for maybe Halo:3 or something but hey Ill take a whole brand new spanking game. Needless to say I can't wait for this game to come out. I haven't been this excited since Halo 2 came out years ago. haha :P

    Just one more thing.. I want Blood Gulch back!

    Posted: February 13, 2010 9:57 AM
  • xnonsuchx

    Cool, but it would be nice to see Bungie do something new.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 9:09 AM
  • zombieguy13

    I almost traded in HALO: ODST because i was done with it. I AIN'T NOW! Can't wait for that beta. I am just as excited as i was when HALO 3 game out.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 8:51 AM
  • Str84twenty

    Wow, I am really excited to see how the Sandbox style plays out in the campaign. Should be a nice change of pace for the Halo franchise.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 1:30 AM
  • MrAnt117

    Glad there making the elites mor alien like by not having them speak perfect english.

    Posted: February 12, 2010 11:35 PM
  • bigboi21

    speechless...the graphics, the weapons, the vehicles, the environments! They brought the original pistol back!!!! Bungie, if this is the last Halo (debates still out on that one) this is one hell of a way to go out

    Posted: February 12, 2010 8:52 PM
  • pipspoolcleaning3

    This is what I was expecting Halo 3 to be and honestly, this is what it should have been. It's good to see them finally getting back on track as far as actually improving the game instead of just polishing and rehashing with more features. I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

    Posted: February 12, 2010 8:17 PM
  • boohoodman

    i might get this but i hated all the other halos

    Posted: February 12, 2010 7:12 PM
  • autofaux

    I pray for this game. I never liked Halo 3, and for good reason. Hopefully these characters are fleshed out better than your average Halo supporting cast, not simply fall into set archetypes. But then again, it's Halo and nobody plays it for the writing and the fleshing out of characters. I know I certainly don't.

    Posted: February 12, 2010 6:09 PM
  • Christ0bell

    all il say is...yes!!! a sprint button!!

    and i really hope you can customize your armour throughout the campaign. (so that it appears in cutscenes)

    sounds interesting though...a sand box ..halo game...wtf red faction guerilla with spartans....sounds frikking awesome. lets hope they have destructable terrain / buildings.

    Posted: February 12, 2010 5:50 PM
  • NinjaNinja7

    Expanding reticule? nice.
    also, those elites are huge!

    Posted: February 12, 2010 5:21 PM
  • SavageHunter

    Wow, all the Halo haters flock to the halo vids. I wonder why? Maybe because halo is awesome? But anyways, this looks awesome!! Sounds like the soundtrack is going to be really good too. I like that the graphics are much better and hopefully the still keep the nice vibrant colors of the Covenant weapons.

    Posted: February 12, 2010 4:49 PM
  • BlueRectangleOfLife


    Posted: February 12, 2010 4:47 PM