Sessler's Soapbox: Dante's Inferno - When Cloning Goes Wrong

Posted: February 9, 2010
Sessler's Soapbox: Dante's Inferno - When Cloning Goes Wrong
Adam explains why he thinks clones like Dante's Inferno need to put more innovation in their games to stand out amongst the crowd.

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    sanjiaodingfeng's comment is abusive and has been removed.

    Posted: April 2, 2010 2:08 PM
  • renholder78

    Well the people that review these games have their opinion and thats all it is their personal opinion thats what makes us different. My personal opinion Dantes Inferno was amazing!!!!

    Posted: February 24, 2010 11:35 AM
  • OgreSamanosuke

    Don't worry Sess, anyone that can't see Dante's Inferno is a GoW clone or bitches about the Bioshock 2 review isn't worth listening to. In particular I was shocked Bio2 even got a 4 out of 5, I was overall very displeased with it. For instance, while playing Mass Effect 2, the scenes that referenced the first game had me going "wow, that's awesome!" or whatnot, but during Bioshock 2 in the first 2 hours I had seen 4 scenes from the first game REPEAT, and my response was just facepalming and/or sighing.

    Posted: February 19, 2010 12:21 PM
  • Xodi

    well this clears a lot up. maybe next time lets not just talk about how much of a game is a clone of another AS MUCH as this one was. In terms of story and playability Dante's Inferno delivers.

    Posted: February 18, 2010 7:09 PM
  • Sergekrack

    I believe the game you can't think of is Batman: Arkham Asylum, I remember you saying people were upset by the insinuation that it was influenced by Metroid.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 1:15 PM
  • topgamer101

    I was hoping since the story originated from the poem that the story would be more in the lines of Legacy of Kain quality, that would have made it by far my favorite action game. Instead we have a story that seems to have been dumbed down to the same simple levels an action game is known for. I was hoping for more dedication to the source material than what the game shows.

    Posted: February 16, 2010 8:59 AM
  • xxkmk420xx

    Me personally even though it feels strongly like god of war, its nice for all of us 360 owners to have such a game that is up to par with kratos. Story is well played graphics are insanley beautiful on hd so i say thanks viceral!

    Posted: February 14, 2010 7:13 PM
  • CreatureFear

    I'm inclinded to agree with you a majority of the time but as far as your comment on comments go:

    I, like many people, like responding to and rating good content. Likewise, I like responding to and rating poor content. Your website in particular makes a good use of these features by allowing the community at large to "bury" comments, etc. As many worthless comments as there are - there are just as many thoughtful comments (which tend to help me out more than an actual review or article.) Removing ALL comments because some are thoughtless does a huge disservice to the commenters that are well-intended and think their responses out. Sure, some people are idiots - but where do we draw the line? They shouldn't be allowed to post? They shouldn't be allowed to procreate? They shouldn't be allowed to vote?

    I think you're a bit resentful because a significant portion of the community disagreed with you (btw, I agree with the Dante's Inferno review.) Sorry, but that's just how things work sometimes. That's the point of having a dialogue (which is all reviews are.) So that when people go to the review page and see a game with a low score, and see a drastically different User Score, they think twice before only getting one point of view. Many people in this community also disagreed with the Darksiders review - they're not the only ones (as seen by reviews from other publications which show a much higher average than what you gave.) Allowing comments to be posted and allowing users to score games reflects the FACT that a majority disagrees with your opinion (an opinion which you and I share.) This isn't a "bad" thing, the more discussion the better. In the end, I'd rather deal with tons of idiots and have a few good comments than have no comments at all.

    "Not only is it extremely cruel to persecute in this brief life those who do not think the way we do, but I do not know if it might be too presumptuous to declare their eternal damnation."

    Posted: February 14, 2010 12:57 PM
  • Dark_SpectreX

    Personally i feel that every game that comes out will copy some other game's game play style. If ppl think God of War's Button masher control scheme is original i think of it copying the same type of control as Devil may cry since both game more or less rely on stringing together combos,Both have huge boss battle stuff like that. Heck even before both god of war and Devil may cry were though up they both have the button mashing controls of the Dynasty warriors series.

    I have dante's inferno and i could care less if it copies God of War. it's a rather fun game and i'm enjoying it so far. and while it's short At least it'll be enjoyed for a while until God of War 3 comes out next month.

    If Adam and morgan find the game average at best than that's their opinion but me i go with my own judgement or take the advice of friends and fellow gamers.

    Posted: February 14, 2010 11:13 AM
  • lynch dude8

    call of duty is just a clone of medal of honor but no one seems to care

    Posted: February 14, 2010 10:45 AM
  • origamibattleshark

    The fact that everyone takes Dante's inferno looks at it and takes amazing level design, beautiful cut scenes, A good adaptation from the poem, ( which I have read) and throw it out the window because it plays like God of War is ridiculous. where they did go wrong is making it a sequel, a much better play would be to turn Milton's paradise lost into a game and open the masses to yet another literary masterpiece.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 9:51 PM
  • CSShadowFang

    So the fact that a game clones another one that was amassing and epic, gives them the right to take it down two, or three entire stars on that basis alone. i call foul play

    Posted: February 13, 2010 4:15 PM
  • ranger095


    Posted: February 13, 2010 2:08 PM
  • Shadow_Fox34

    I think that a game that is strongly influenced by another or "clone" can be a great game so long as the developer tries to build upon the borowed elements of the game or do them in a different way.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 12:34 PM
  • Shadow_Fox34

    I think that a game that is strongly influenced by another or "clone" can be a great game so long as the developer tries to build upon the borowed elements of the game or do them in a different way.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 10:34 AM

    Dunno if someone already pointed this out, but the soapbox covering Shadow Complex as it relates to old school Metroid and other games is the game he mentions when talking about comparing one game to another. Check it out.

    Posted: February 13, 2010 7:58 AM
  • joel78

    Adam is totally and utterly correct when he mentions games being reviewed with some consideration for how they compare to other similar titles. But this raises an interesting point, how can you then adequately review a game when there isn't anything to directly compare? I'm thinking specifically about the Madden series in the last few years. Have the games actually been any good or is it just that there is no alternative to consider?

    Posted: February 13, 2010 7:00 AM
  • ArrenKae

    No comments sections? But Sessler's blog allows comments. Maybe he doesn't consider our writing comments b/c it can be longer (or he likes his fans more and considers comment a dirty word) or he means game footage shouldn't allow comments. In any case I disagree, let the people speak!

    The only thing that has me think some of these games shouldn't be called GoW clones is GoW didn't invent most of its' motifs. GoW was a beat em up. Many beat-em-ups were made before GoW. Quicktime events weren't made by GoW either but Shenmue. Quicktime events in beat-em-ups are an example of a design element becoming common in a genre. Likewise, co-op has become common after Halo yet it'd be inaccurate to call MW2 a Halo clone for havivng co-op. To be a full clone a game has to lift all its' major gameplay elements (and (or for balance) aesthetic/story elements) from another game. FPSs come from iD stock and sandbox games are descended from GTA but even in these genres there're many niches. What I find most interesting in considering how game-design traits shift (like genes) through the designer population is how leveling schemes similar to what RPGs have are becoming nigh-universal, genreless as start menus.

    I don't like radioshows or podcasts. For some reason, folks think if their content's audio-only it doesn't need edited. You wouldn't put up 2 hours of yourself and your friends just hanging out weekly and expect people to be entertained but that's what folks do w/podcasts. Trim out the silences, stutters, mispoken, and other junk, leave just the best recorded content, and these shows'd be entertaining. The sort of radio shows I like are audio theatre like ilovebees.

    Posted: February 12, 2010 5:46 PM
  • alexsmerch

    Its great to know that you wish the comment section didn't exist. Makes me feel appreciated.

    Posted: February 12, 2010 1:36 PM
  • DeadRedManiac

    We must realize that if people are griping and throwing a tiff on video game cloning its "wrong". Let them make a game with a story. And buy it! Also it is very could up here in ohio with over a foot of snow go buy a bic and warm yee hands up ol mate.

    Posted: February 11, 2010 10:34 AM