BioShock 2 Rapture Preview

Posted: January 25, 2010
BioShock 2 Rapture Preview
Jordan Thomas, Creative Director for BioShock 2, gives us an overview and what we can expect upon our return to Rapture including storyline elements, environments and characters in this BioShock 2 preview.

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  • philip414

    I love this game its better than the first one but the endings sad or evil

    Posted: November 28, 2010 1:27 PM

    febuary 9 is gonna be the best day ever im gonna get it the first day....should be way better than the 1st

    Posted: January 27, 2010 5:39 PM
  • giddymedal

    awesome, cant wait till feb. got the orignal on both xbox 360 & ps3.

    Posted: January 26, 2010 1:10 PM
  • HarriS 185

    well singleplayer is shorter than the first but still epic game and with multiplayer

    Posted: January 26, 2010 8:22 AM
  • losangeles117

    Awesome!! I can't wait.

    Posted: January 25, 2010 8:44 PM
  • tyler4307

    i have no doubt in my mind this going to be an excellent sequel. the only gripe i have is i think i may have already figured out one of the main ending parts about the main big sister( come on people, if you think a few minutes about it you will pry come to the same conclusion i did) tho if i am right then that part of the story should come to make it all the more interesting!

    Posted: January 25, 2010 7:11 PM
  • Rieb20

    Yeah I dont know about this one, still have it reserved and gonna get it the first day but I'm a little worried. I dont know about being a big daddy the whole game. And with the original team gone, I'm not sure how the story will compare, I mean its 10 years later and theyre still people alive and fighting down there?!?!

    Posted: January 25, 2010 7:09 PM
  • crackingcody

    sequal to my favorite game ever!!! i already pre ordered it..... back in september!

    Posted: January 25, 2010 7:05 PM
  • Jerardo_H

    Hope its as good as the first one ... (originals not working on it)

    Posted: January 25, 2010 5:40 PM