Sessler's Soapbox: Is 3-D the Future of Gaming?

Posted: January 13, 2010
Sessler's Soapbox: Is 3-D the Future of Gaming?
Adam discusses all the new 3-D technologies shown off at CES 2010 and wonders if they will represent the next step in game immersion.

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  • yourbigpalal83

    I think the whole 3d thing is amazing, but its still in its early stage. i loved avatar, for the story and plot and pacing. Not for the 3d, but i felt it added a whole new level to it and would love to have more 3d experences, espically at home. Im not going to go and say every new movie and game needs to be in 3D! nor should they be. I do however like having that option to experence it on a 3d level and make up my own mind which experence i prefer.

    3d is not going to improve everything it touches. Nor like i said is it needed. Playing a well made game or watching a well made film will speak for itself. How ever, should i choose to add that extra layer of depth to the experence, to me thats worth the price of a new TV.

    Like all new technology it all depends on its creative use! James cameron used that new technology in a proper way. Some other directors will not. Also, i find it funny that alot of people dismiss the new technology simply without even trying it. I have yet to try a home 3d experence, but i hope to then make the choice weather its worth investing my money into it. To me, if it equals the experence i had with avatar, sure. If its a watered down version of it...no.

    Point is, alot of young people seem to have this old geaser mentality towards 3D! "What do you need it for?" Well, you dont need HD eather. Most tv shows are still broadcasted in standard def too. Every gaming system out you can still play on your 10 year old crappy CRT TV as well. Its just a better visual experence playing it on a HD Set!

    I think in time, and creative use, 3D will take hold to some level. I dont think it will outright bomb, and like all new technologies, it will take time for it to take hold and grow and expand and improve! But i plan to be there as an early adopter if it works just as well as it does in the theaters!

    Posted: January 15, 2010 12:43 PM
  • bluemanrule

    After listening to this soapbox, I nodded my head in complete agreement, stood up, and began a slow clap. Sessler, you sir are the man!

    Posted: January 15, 2010 12:24 PM
  • Minesguy1356

    The big thing that I think developers are missing with 3D TV and video games is the length of time you set in front of the screen. The 3D technology that is out there now dose not produce an image that the eye was meant to use. Most people will not get a headache in a 2 or 3 hr movie, but the more time in front of a 3D screen the more people that will get that discomfort. Then consider that most Americans are in front of a TV 4-5 hrs every day.

    Developers need to realize that people are not going to put a headache machine in there living rooms.

    Posted: January 15, 2010 8:46 AM
  • KayleL

    Am I one of the few why doesn't mind this 3D stuff. I watched A Christmas Choir in 3D and I can't imagine it without the 3D. It really adds to the movie, especially with the ghost of Christmas Present when the room's floor is the window to Scrooge's life.

    But in game, I think it's just another nice added feature. It's like sticking your face on your game character. Did it changed the way we think of games? No. Does it hurt that it has it? No.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 8:50 PM
  • Das_Mann04


    believe the whole concept of 3D televisions are an attempt by television companies to squeeze more profit by using a previously failed gimmick. I believe that this whole venture will not be as a big deal as everyone likes to assume. I mean a substantial numbers of people have recently upgraded to HDTVs and to be honest I don't see people buying something obscenely expensive television when someone can buy something for the third of the cost. Also, the recession is not helping matters either because like Adam said no one is going to buy anything that expensive without a reason. The whole 3D Thing might have worked if the economy was better and the majority of the population has not already adopted another technology. Also, I believe that gaming these days are actually quite good, the selections availability are amazing, never in all time that I've been playing video games has there been such a selection for some many interests. When I was coming up, it was either sports games, shooters and online multiplayers which was mostly reserved for nerds and maybe a few individuals that enjoyed blowing stuff up. Now the games the value equal to that of feature films and actually have plots, character development, and great visual effects. So with that said, I believe that 3D might be the wrong direction, granted its a cool idea but not now. I mean going back to the price issue most people(I include myself) will only buy a the latest model of television for other things such as HD, Blueray and gaming. However, it has to be a combination of the three not just one thing over the other. Especially if your going to drop $800 or more just for gaming. Which is pointless, it has to be an all around benefit. Also, what does this mean for blueray? The picture quality is already great but I don't see it being used as an extension of 3D technology and I already get annoyed when i have to find the remote let alone a pair of glasses. I just view it as just another pointless gadget with luck will go the way of beta max.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 7:02 PM
  • theroofisgreen

    PREGUNTA would 3D increase the cost of games.. Like Ohh in 3D this game is 69.99 or 79.99!?!!? Pregunta means question for all you American speakers hahahhahahaha american speakers.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 6:10 PM
  • JakobiRobi9

    Totally agree. It really bugs me, the last month or so, everyday at work, there seems to be someone else bringing up Avatar and how, "Everyone who hasn't seen it in 3-D ABSOLUTELY has to, this very second!" I saw it in 3d, and yes, it looked pretty cool, but not mind-alteringly, I can't seem to stop recommending it to everyone I meet, cool. It's crazy how people can be so controlled and duped by some new form technology that isn't even that great.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 6:01 PM

    Great soapbox, very insighful and funny. I agree with most of what you are saying. But gaming experience and immersion could increase if you could connect a game to your brain and experience first person. lol
    And by the way the economy in Canada is strong and recovering.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 5:56 PM
  • brsterkens


    Posted: January 14, 2010 5:35 PM
  • Vote Saxon

    you are right on target Adam. one of myfriends was talking about saving up for a 3D tv....all I could think was "that is the biggest waste of money ever." oh and your also right that avatar sucked blue balls.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 4:23 PM
  • happymeowmeow

    Wow! 146 comments...*reads first page* 3 of them are repeated spam for some stupid website...oh I see...

    Anyway, this technology seems like a pointless retread that will probably sell a bunch of new TVs and plastic glasses until people get tired of it, then into the closet with all your other plastic new best things.
    BUT it's best not to be 100% jaded, if something actually cool and worthwhile comes out of this trend I'm not going to boycott it just for sake of me thinking 3d is stupid. Who knows. I've been skeptical about other game gimmicks (looking at you nintendo) that resulted in some pretty cool games.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 3:26 PM
  • VimalP

    I agree will all of you in that 3-D isn't that great but If they can really pul it for like say bioshock 2 that would be great but for now not neccesary or ready for the advancement

    Posted: January 14, 2010 3:09 PM
  • Sgtpwner

    I think that 3d gaming would be good as an option for whenever you feel like it, but it sucks that you need a new 3d ready tv. i heard that sony is gonna use this technology (or similar) for when you play local 2 player so you can each have the full screen.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 3:00 PM
  • GearsMover1107

    during September to now,almost everything for games was perfect,modern warfare 2,l4d2,assassins creed 2.were great games because they were both really fun to play and different,but 3d tvs are coming in and going to screw this all up,as adam said,we need something new every 5 minutes or people get bored.as a 360 player i'm pumped for natal to come out at the end of the year but next year 2011 is all goin to be about 3D,and that sounds cool now but wait till u wanna have your mw2 all nighters and u can bc ur getting constant headaches.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 2:33 PM
  • DubiousKing

    3D is good when it's done tastefully and meant to enhance the experience instead of drive it. This is why I liked it in Avatar. But I get the feeling that it's just going to be gimmicky when added to games. Not only that, it's likely to drive up the price of everything.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 1:47 PM
  • JiroGamer

    Thank you very much, once again, Adam, for proving to me that there's someone else out there who can tell a gimmick when they see one. This falls right back into place with a lot of what's going on lately, and at the very least including gaming. I just had this discussion with some friends over Live last night. Innovation, when it comes unexpectedly, can lead to some very good results. Nintendo, (back in the olden days) really brought something amazing to the table when 8 bit gaming was brought into the home on the NES (or Famicom, for those who prefer). This opened up gaming to be much more complex than what was perceived possible before.

    The problem is, and I think you really hit the nail on the head, Adam, is that in order to kick their way into the market, everything is being labeled as innovative, everyone is trying to come up with the "next big thing" or in some cases imitating the next big thing (motion controls, I'm looking at you!) and I think what's really going on is a smothering of the market. This idea comes up in several places, people reluctant for a new console generation, developers just now really fine tuning what they've been working with now for this generation to really shine, and both financially and personally, people just aren't ready to just drop it all and grab that PS4, that XBox 720, or the Nintendo... eh, whatever they plan on calling it (I'm not even going to try). I agree, gaming has reached this great new plateau, and we should really look at what we can do now, at the very least until the market settles a bit.


    Posted: January 14, 2010 1:22 PM
  • Noct17

    Awesome My Tuesdays just got better!

    Posted: January 14, 2010 1:18 PM
  • DyslexicDog

    Good now I don't have to force myself through 3 days before the soapbox lol.

    Anyway couldn't agree more about the 3D issue.

    Also if we do add this feature (This goes for Natal too) I hope it is OPTIONAL.

    Posted: January 14, 2010 1:04 PM
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