Bayonetta Enemy Weapons Trailer

Posted: December 16, 2009
Bayonetta Enemy Weapons Trailer
Adding insult to a great deal of injury, Sega's Bayonetta mulls over how to utilize enemy weapons in her favor.

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  • Oinkness

    I just finished playing the demo (until I died at least) and I've gotta say, this game is really terrible. The controls were fun and it looked stylish enough but the gameplay is just blah, the difficulty curve is a bit much, and the endless hordes of enemies at every area makes me wonder if there is any actual gameplay or if it's just going to be a bunch of constant encounters. At any rate, it wasn't fun for me. x_x

    Posted: December 16, 2009 9:29 PM
  • pipspoolcleaning3

    @ randomamber

    I've watched the trailers, I've played the demo and all I can say is...SNOOOOOOOOOZZEEE.

    Posted: December 16, 2009 8:25 PM
  • sandboxgamer

    so lame

    Posted: December 16, 2009 8:24 PM
  • randomamber

    I am a bog believer in the notion that if you can't say anything nice about a game, then don't say anything at all.

    So, thanks for your time.

    Posted: December 16, 2009 7:32 PM
  • bigmonstefan

    I'm still shocked with the demo for this game. I can't wait for it.

    Posted: December 16, 2009 4:13 PM
  • jellokatamari

    That game just seems like a whole lotta pure fun.

    Posted: December 16, 2009 3:53 PM