Samsung HT-BD3252 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Review

Posted: December 15, 2009
Samsung HT-BD3252 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Review

What happens when Samsung crams as many features as possible into a Blu-ray home theater system? Kevin Pereira and Sara Jean Underwood call it the HT-BD3252 featuring wireless rear speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity for Netflix or Pandora, and more for only $499. Will this be a sweet deal for the holidays? Find out in today's Gadget Pr0n!

What You Need to Know

  • The Samsung system has one of the easiest setups we've seen
  • We literally set it up right out of the box without looking at the manual once
  • It follows the norm of color coding the speakers and wires, but even better was how easy the wireless system was to get going
  • You simply have to jack the rear speakers into the wireless receiver, plug the wireless speaker dongle into the back of the Blu-ray player, and turn them on
  • The Blu-ray player comes with plenty of features that are becoming standard with modern Blu-ray players; it streams YouTube, Pandora, Netflix and Blockbuster
  • It can actually stream content from your PC to your TV using the network connection
  • The picture quality was really good, just what you'd expect from a Samsung player
  • It sounded pretty good
  • We cranked it all the way up and the 1,000 watt system didn't overload
  • The mid were a little lost in midst of the highs and lows but it wasn't the worst we've heard
  • The surround speakers were surprisingly pleasant and didn't hiss like some wireless speakers we've reviewed and they delivered a big sound
  • We were impressed, especially for the price of the system; not the best we've heard but definitely good quality
  • For an introductory home theater system it had a surprisingly nice sound
  • Not only do you get a 1,000 watt speaker system you also get a Blu-ray player with great features that can stream Netflix and YouTube, and if you don't already have these capabilities this is definitely for you


  • We found it for as low as $500 online

Overall Rating

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