PixelJunk Shooter Review

Posted: December 14, 2009
PixelJunk Shooter Review
Q-Games brings the new downloadable title PixelJunk Shooter to the PlayStation 3 and Morgan Webb has the review. Is this gravity based game worth checking out? Find out in this X-Play review of PixelJunk Shooter.

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  • Nagrom102

    Sorry I wasn't meaning to attack you directly (and I'm not a "troll" btw) but I was fascinated at how much anger you had over the PS3 winning the best console choice. Actually I am a PC gamer and a PS3/360 gamer, but maybe my interests aren't quite as high as yours with computers. Just saying - the PS3 dominated the year and that is why it won. No other platform had this. Simple as that. And this may continue for '10, especially concerning Q1 and Q2 exclusive titles for the PS3. Anyways, I get frustrated easily with the numerous amount of comments I read on the internet and I guess yours got to me a lil after reading those that have so much hatred towards the PS3. The PS3 really doesn't get enough love. ;)

    Posted: December 16, 2009 11:06 AM
  • BlackLable69

    @Nagrom102: Actually I did read & your obviously a TROLL with way too much free time on your hands. Why are you verbally attacking me like I was talking to you directly? Also, show me a direct link smart a** off of Metacritic of what your talking about. Because from what I remember the PS3 won for overall quality not exclusives as you say. Some of those titles by the way as I have already stated were not exclusives. Most of the people that blogged about it on Metacritic even complained, even PS3 fans. PC exclusives? Don't make me laugh, your obviously not into PC's by making a ignorant statement like that. & you need to take a chill pill, so PS3 is finally catching up, SO? AND? Its just a luxury toy for people to blow time away with so stop acting like a child about it.

    ANYWAY here my proof you moron wheres yours?:
    http://features.metacritic.c om/features/2009/the-best-game s-of-2009/

    Posted: December 16, 2009 12:02 AM
  • Nagrom102

    @BlackLable69; Did you read WHY Metacritic gave PS3 the best console of choice?? I don't think so the way you seem to be giving so much crap! PS3 EASILY won. You know why? BECAUSE of the exclusives, not just because of the number of highly rated multi-plat titles!

    Besides ODST was okay, but merely an expansion. L4D2 is awesome but much the same formula as the first. Halo Wars, another Halo title, so need I say more .

    What the hell did PC have? PSP? DS?

    Posted: December 15, 2009 2:21 PM
  • BlackLable69

    PS3 is finally starting to roll out some very nice titles & don't give me that crap about best of 2009 like Metacritic did. Half of those titles were on multiple systems not just on PS3. I cant believe PS3 won the best console of choice for 09. I'm not hating & I'm happy for PS3 owners & I'm even more tempted to buy one now after the price drop. Hell I used to rock Playstation with a passion back in the day but still. Take a look at the top 10/20 list of both PS3 & Xbox on Metacritic & you'll see that many of those titles were already out on other systems. Some of those were also either out on PC or better on PC than any console & PS3 still won for 09? You cant say its because Xbox 360 came out first either because when PS2 came out first no one would listen. So for PS3 top 20, GTA4, COD4, BIO, SF4, Braid?,ES4O, Fallout3 & oh lets not forget FIFA? I used to play soccer myself but that's sad. The list of the 360 doesn't have room for FIFA, the fact that its even in their top 20 lets you know how bad their hurting for more titles. Anyway its a good thing that company's are pushing 10+ years out of consoles now instead of the typical 4 or 5. This will give Sony more time to beef up their top 20 list & Metacritic hasn't fooled anybody, especially me.

    Posted: December 14, 2009 11:02 PM
  • sneak787

    I don't have a PS3, but this looks like it would be a really fun downlodable game.

    Posted: December 14, 2009 4:39 PM