Exclusive Peek at Jonathan Hickman's Shield, Wolfskin & More

Posted: November 24, 2009
Exclusive Peek at Jonathan Hickman's Shield, Wolfskin & More

Blair Butler has an exclusive sneak peek at comic book star Jonathan Hickman's new series, 'Shield', plus three comics to pick up, including 'Wolfskin,' 'Wolverine: Old Man Logan' and 'Justice.' Don't miss out on this special announcement!


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  • thechampreturns

    Great stuff Blair! I love when they have Fresh Ink segments on AOTS! Wow that was an awesome sneak peek for the Upcoming Hickman SHIELD story! Really looking forward to it. Couldnt agree more with the Old Man Logan and Justice trades! McNiven and Ross are both amazing artists! But Millar's Old Man Logan was really a great imaginative story. As for the Warren Ellis book, well I havent really liked much of his recent work but WOLFskin definitely will be a book I will look for! Thanks a lot for shining a light for comic book fans everywhere!

    Posted: November 25, 2009 9:07 AM