Mr Sark's Top Five Shooters of All Time

Posted: November 23, 2009
Mr Sark's Top Five Shooters of All Time
Our resident expert Mr Sark lists his top five shooter video game franchises of all time including 'Team Fortress', 'Battlefield', 'Ghost Recon', 'Call of Duty' and 'Halo'.

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  • spicypooptastic

    My top shooters

    1. Halo 1
    2. Turok the first on on N64
    3. Duke nukem 3d
    4. Doom
    5. Modern warfare

    Posted: November 24, 2009 1:17 PM
  • spicypooptastic

    While I love all of these games nothing has or ever will touch DUKE NUKEM 3D!!!!!!!!

    Posted: November 24, 2009 1:14 PM
  • mp1289

    killzone 2 is the closest to the real thing...too bad nobody got to play it (that doesn't include playing it at your friend's house and thinking the controls were too difficult).

    MW1 has the best multiplayer, and MW2 is more like must-have expansion pack.

    Posted: November 24, 2009 11:39 AM
  • NHL20

    Looks like that may have been Mr. Sark's final package for X Play. We'll miss you and your Sarkatahons!

    Posted: November 24, 2009 11:19 AM
  • paulmaddox

    does nobody remember BLACK that game was what got me into gameing that and gta vice city were the first two games i beat

    Posted: November 24, 2009 10:56 AM
  • ABXPuPpeT

    wow soo many 360 fanboys,

    here let me change it up

    COD MW series, not that old school boring crap that they keep making the same game of (cod1235)
    Uncharted 2, not 1 that crap was garbage
    Gears Of War 2, not 1 that too was crap
    RE5, the best zombie game that did not get boring fast after completing the story, unlike (L4D1,2)
    Halo....jp that crap is garbage, reason why? the halo series never actually upgraded to the next gen console, so imma have to give it to something a million times better then halo "FLOWER", im aware that this game is not a shooter but i hate gaylo soo much it doesn't deserve to be among the best shooters

    so leave the hate people and thumbs down me

    Posted: November 24, 2009 9:27 AM
  • ChaseGuyExtremeBro


    Posted: November 24, 2009 8:46 AM
  • Yelsew1979

    1. Rainbox Six
    2. GRAW
    3. Call of Duty
    4. Halo Series
    5. Unreal Tournament

    Posted: November 24, 2009 8:14 AM
  • AnomalyOfMax

    1.Call of Duty Series
    2.Left 4 Dead Series
    3.Halo Series
    4.Half Life Series
    5.Doom Series

    Posted: November 24, 2009 6:11 AM
  • AgentMark

    1. Call of Duty Series
    2. Left 4 Dead Series
    3. Battlefield Series
    4. Halo Series
    5. Medal of Honor Series

    Posted: November 24, 2009 5:18 AM
  • Dryden84

    I thought this was top shooters of all time?? All of Sark's games were released in the past 10 years or so...

    What about DOOM, Counter-Strike, GoldenEye (N64), and Bioshock? Add Halo and these are my top 5...

    Posted: November 24, 2009 3:38 AM
  • OttoVonBismarck

    for me i would rank games based on how they were at the time of release. because sure now you can say halo sucks because of graphics and such, but when it came out it was top of the line. also you have to take into account what a game did for FPSers(precedents set). So, based on that, here's my top 5
    1. halo:CE (the first best FPS)
    2. modern warfare 2 (lot of unlockables/weapon attachmenta/etc)
    3. halo 2 ( arguable the single best game from last generation consoles)
    4. borderlands(lots of guns with cool effects)
    5. left 4 dead( the 1st good zombie game in a long time)

    sorry i didn't list any of valve's games, i haven't played half life, or really any PC FPS at all.

    Posted: November 23, 2009 10:49 PM
  • ghettoe

    Since you're counting down your best shooters of all time, I had to wonder why Counter Strike wasn't in there. I used to loooove this game and I know I'm not the only one. That game was insane!

    Posted: November 23, 2009 9:59 PM
  • Adampro123

    just another halo fan boy...tisk tisk tisk.

    my favorite first person shooters would probably be

    Left 4 Dead (only one i like playing online)
    Call of Duty
    Section 8

    i don't really have a 5th.

    Posted: November 23, 2009 9:57 PM
  • cabbage_117

    Anything Valve...

    Posted: November 23, 2009 9:56 PM
  • Raf0419

    how can half life not be on there...

    Posted: November 23, 2009 7:31 PM
  • TheRighteousFascist

    1. Battlefield
    2. Rainbow Six
    3. Call of Duty
    4. Halo
    5. Team Fortress

    Posted: November 23, 2009 7:17 PM