Assassin's Creed II Review Discussion

Posted: November 18, 2009
Assassin's Creed II Review Discussion
Morgan talks to G4tv.com Senior Games Editor Andrew Pfister about his review of 'Assassin's Creed II'. Find out his thoughts on the game and how the sequel is an improvement over the original.

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  • ThermOptics

    I agree with the disagreement, I had no issue with the controls myself. Main adjustment to curtail the "stickyness" was to use 'Free-run/Sprint button' when needed not all time. While the many ways to simmer and saute targets is fun I also enjoy the jungle gym aspect of climbing the towers over and over too. Being a grinder with my game library it's kinda hard for me to put a game down in that sense.
    Most of all, I am loving the aspect of building your city in Monteriggioni. I mean the only thing I renovated was a Brothel and a Church if only there were social impacts to such a thing. Come visit my city where what happens here is forgiven - for a fee.

    Posted: November 23, 2009 5:48 AM
  • GerudoKingOfEvil

    I completely disagree with their complaints about the controls in this game. I dont know who the idiot is who keeps running up the wall and jumping off of it, but that only happens if you run up and then hit A(X). You shouldn't have to hit A(X) while moving up the wall, you just hold it down and Ezio does the rest. It felt much more difficult to navigate in the first Assassin's Creed than in this one. That said, I think Ubisoft needs to worry less about climbing on sh#% and more on the killing aspect of the game. It's ASSASSIN'S Creed, not CLIMB SH#% Creed. Leave the climbing for your other free-running game: Prince of Persia. The fun of this game comes from the assassinations, not from climbing tower after tower after tower just so you can jump off once you get to the top of each one. Its cool the first time, but seeing as how there are 66 towers to scale, it gets old QUICK. Maybe if I were tackling a victim off the edge? Or if I were driving my blade into someone waiting at the bottom?

    Posted: November 21, 2009 6:47 PM