Behind the Scenes of Human Wrecking Balls

Posted: November 10, 2009
Behind the Scenes of Human Wrecking Balls

Alison Haislip takes us behind the scenes on the second season of Human Wrecking Balls, where the Pumphrey brothers find more things to break, smash, and utterly destroy. Chao everywhere!

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  • ArcadePerfect

    This is horrible. What's wrong with you people? You do know that they aren't making anymore of those games you're destroying right?
    G4 can go die.

    Posted: February 7, 2011 11:54 AM
  • VidLover

    Those Guys are Retards. Incredibly Strong??? Maybe, But Just STUPID more like it. This Video was posted to many Vid,Pinball collector sites and the response was an overwhelming Negative one. As a collector of both Vids and Pins, it pains me to see the utter lack of knowledge of people to just "Destroy" something just to make a TV Show. People really have to think hard about things to make Crap Shows like these, Hey lets Smash the CRAP out of stuff and put it on TV! like there is not enough dumb stuff on it already. When G4 took over this Channel I stopped watching. They took an informative Show (Tech TV) and turned it into one of the worst trash showes on the air.

    Posted: November 16, 2009 10:40 PM