Mvix ULTIO MX-800HD Media Center Review

Posted: November 9, 2009
Mvix ULTIO MX-800HD Media Center Review

Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn give your digital media the full home theater experience with the ULTIO MX-800HD Media Center which supports HD video codec, streams video from your PC and download straight from its built-in torrent client, all for only $170.

What You Need To Know

  • The Media Center is a hybrid between a home theater PC and a network attached storage.
  • Basically, it's a media storage hard drive for your home entertainment system.
  • Users can network between the ULTIO and your computer via a router or wireless connection (with an adapter) to watch videos on your TV that would normally live on your desktop.
  • It supports a variety of video codecs, like mpegs, MOVs, AVI and even DIV-X.
  • Set up is as easy as plugging the ULTIO into your TV with the HDMI cable, and then connecting it to your computer with an Ethernet cord.
  • This means you don't have to burn your files to discs.
  • The navigation isn't too bad, even if it doesn't look very user-friendly.
  • Once you get into the system, the interface leaves a little to be desired: it's pretty bland and very similar to navigating an FTP server.
  • You navigate with a remote, which is slow if you're typing in log-in info or renaming files.
  • File management is pretty easy: you can copy, paste, delete and transfer files between the Mvix's hard drive and your computer.
  • It also supports universal plug and play for things like Play On.
  • There is a built-in Bit-torrent client, which works so-so when streaming content.
  • You can only access the client through your PC, which takes away from the computer free experience.
  • You can stream video from Hulu, Netflix and YouTube directly through Play On but it's $40 for the program.
  • The video quality is good: the ULTIO can playback in full 1080p so it allows you to take full advantage of your TV over your computer monitor.
  • However, if you're watching podcasts for the Internet, then not so much.


  • $170.00: This would be a good purchase if you're looking to watch video files or stream video to your television. However, if you already have a 360, PlayStation 3 or Blu-ray player, then you might want to reconsider.


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  • aquabum

    I've had the Mvix Ultio since July, and it works great! The HDD option (up to 1.5TB) is what sold me, the WD units do not have this option. Plus, the option to add PlayON to stream Hulu, NetFlix, YouTube, and a ton more.

    Plus, it's small enough to take on the road on vacation!

    Posted: November 11, 2009 6:32 AM
  • JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    for fun dress up like it's 1985 and rate the Nintendo deluxe set w/ the ROB + lightgun.

    Posted: November 9, 2009 11:26 PM
  • fundoo

    I have one of these and it rocks! for PlayON... dont buy the $40 option... they have promotions every other week and you can get it for $20 anyday. No need for any HDD to use this unit. I have a 8TB server sitting in my basement and I stream it over my gigabit switch to this unit. Dont need to install any HDD inside the unit.

    Video Quality is fabulous and it can PLAY all codecs and formats that i have ever tried. ISO and MKV playback is remarkable.

    Posted: November 9, 2009 8:58 PM