Assassin's Creed II Focus On Factions Trailer

Posted: November 4, 2009
Assassin's Creed II Focus On Factions Trailer
Ezio will have a bevy of entourage members he can call upon (i.e. pay for) in Assassin's Creed II to help him complete his objectives. Here's a profile of the Courtesans, Thieves, and Mercenary factions from the game.

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  • nateg452

    this story line is looking so much more expansive than the previous it explains from the beginning of how he became what he is, it makes me more interested in the game to see my character develop through the beginning, and relationships with the npc's in this game is looking amazing im hoping that it goes deep enough to change the storyline now that would be amazing.

    Posted: November 8, 2009 6:48 PM
  • Flynfsh

    i just hope the AI doesnt let the game down

    Posted: November 5, 2009 12:45 PM
  • XwingVmanX

    He kinds reminds me of a superhero, like Batman. Lost both parents. Learns how to sneak around, fight, and has a bunch of gadgets at his disposal. Hmmm....all he needs is a butler lol

    Posted: November 5, 2009 9:15 AM
  • MrMonochrome

    Bit at the end = priceless

    Posted: November 4, 2009 10:51 PM