Social Networking in the Workplace

Posted: October 8, 2009
Social Networking in the Workplace

With over 50% of businesses banning social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, Kevin Pereira talks to CNET's Caroline McCarthy on the truth behind workplace productivity and online socializing.


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  • hotdog408

    while the message was important, i couldn't stop thinking that they're all still using CRT monitors at the G4 studios... yikes!! o_O


    Posted: October 12, 2009 9:06 PM
  • nyqwd

    In my opinion, the negative use and distribution of these application opinions in the workplace by an employee, can, drastically effect work productivity and moral. A couple of posts here and there using these apps, while working, is a waste of company time and productivity. However, being let go and or even fired based upon employers accessing these opinions expressed by employees, on these personal sights, about how they feel about their boss's or working environments, is an unfair invasion of privacy. I know these sites are public for anyone to view, but the fact remains, its the users own personnel private views about their job, or anything that pertains to it, or themselves. A job is a place to be professional, and to do what it takes to establish any and every task assigned to you in order to excel in your position. For companies to intrude on private views and punish individuals for the information they find, is unfair. It seems like corporations are trying to be our bosses not only at work, but also within our own private lives, and punishing us for it. Also, for example, if all the blogs or posts were positive about the company, there wouldn't be such a debate about the consequences of how its effecting moral within the business. In essence what "corporations" want to see is free positive publicity to create a better image for their establishment. And, if that's the case, assign each employee with a mandatory business assigned twitter, facebook, myspace account that the company has complete control over. Leave the personal pages of employees un-accessible, and separated, from the work place management. Its not fair for Employers to try and control how you feel and use your own free personal time while not "on the clock." Everyone has a complaint about their work atmosphere, what the corporations should realize, is that now, the "higher ups can actually see how their employees feel." A good lesson to be learned is, maybe instead of firing these people who have an opinion, we should listen. The economy didn't get this way because of doing things the same way. Maybe it's time to listen. Maybe the people that have these abilities to use these media outlets to express things are actually the ones looking for solutions. No matter how you perceive it, a change needs to happen. Lets try something new and re-establish the way business works.............

    just a thought
    Nicholas Little field

    Posted: October 9, 2009 2:48 AM