Masanori Takeuchi's TGS 2009 Project Natal Observations

Posted: September 25, 2009
Masanori Takeuchi's TGS 2009 Project Natal Observations
Masanouri Takeuchi, Managing Director/Game Developer at FromSoftware, Inc., talks about how Project Natal will evolve gaming, and how much fun it is to work with the new system.

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  • ShadyKiller

    Dear MICROSOFT, While your developing Natal, please make sure you have someone working an on VIRTUAL BUTLER... sort of a spin off of the Milo Project, but instead the butler will handle your schedule and such, So heres what i would like to see one day... - Me walking into my room, project natal knows that im in the room, and so my butler greets me- "Good morning sir!" , then i reply "good morning Alfred(thats his name LOL) is there any messages for me? or do I have any appointments today?" You guys get the drift... PLZ PLZ PLZ make it happen!! I have a million of Ideas for you but cant let them all out the bag... how am i supposed to make money someday? LOL.... trust me everyone and thire mamas will want one of these, and your butler will be customizable, Voice, cloths, ect..... Thanx...


    Posted: September 26, 2009 6:57 AM