Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker First 13 Direct-Feed Gameplay

Posted: September 24, 2009
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker First 13 Direct-Feed Gameplay
Check out the first 13 minutes of Konami's latest PlayStation Portable installment in its acclaimed Metal Gear Solid franchise.

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  • OuterHeavenPretender

    Graphicly this game looks BETTER then Portable ops i think even the Art direction looks like it fits smoother this time around. I'm a HUGE Metal Gear Solid fan, I love all their CONSOLE games. PsONE, PS2, PS3. But the PSP and Metal Gear do NOT GO TOGETHER. I loved the controls for all the MGS CONSOLE games, they were fitting for its time, its always been different then any other game. Metal Gear solid games have a feel to them that seperates them from the rest. Some people dont like that. I do because it makes them Unique and stand out. But those controls just dont work on a Handheld system. The controls become too confusing, and you end up doing things you dont want to do, Just watch THE GAMEPLAY portion of this demo. The guy can't control BIGBOSS at all. If Konami wants to make any money at all in this game, put it on the PS2 in a Portale Ops/Peace Keeper Bundle. The PSP is a great handheld system with the from the right game franchise. God of War:Chains of Olympis for example made a Beautiful transition to the PSP. Portable Ops didnt, and i doubt Peace Keeper will either, which is unfortunet since the Story seems interesting in the MGS timeline. Good cinematic trailer though. MGS always delivers in its story. Just stick with Console Systems Kojimia. Please!!!

    Posted: October 4, 2009 4:25 AM
  • kjller

    Metal Gear Is A Great Game And The Has Always Had A Great Story Line, I Expect Great Reviews! I Hope Its As Good Or Better Than Portable Ops!

    Posted: October 2, 2009 5:53 PM
  • Blue22

    I wander if you can get a bonus if you have Portable Ops and/or PO+.
    I'm going to try to get this also

    Posted: September 30, 2009 7:17 PM
  • coxballs

    I LOVE SNAKE,,,but this should be only on the PS3...!!!!!.....if u got to ask why ????....then u dont have one....so,,go piss on your x-box,,and then wipe your ass with it ..!!!!

    Posted: September 28, 2009 8:53 AM
  • bobbyman128

    The crappiest thirteen minutes of gameplay I ever watched. They babbled for most of the video and then show some crap gameplay. The camera sucks, I don't know if I may be the only one that saw it but the man walked right past an enemy(snake was literally in his sights). I don't see why people go head over heels for metal gear but I never played it so I don't care how this game gets rated.

    But one thing I will give it. I liked the art in the cut scene.

    Posted: September 25, 2009 9:31 AM
  • catrachohn

    13 minutes of gameplay? more like 13 minutes of story!!!

    lol but yeah looks like a great movie, i mean game. lol always loved metal gear solid even if it feels more like a movie than an actual game. always hated the gameplay, but the story is amazing. so i dont expect anything less from this game. hopefully is not another mgs2 haha jk.

    Posted: September 24, 2009 7:31 PM
  • Yo_Yoer3

    Wish I could unde stande it.

    Posted: September 24, 2009 6:47 PM
  • trafalga

    Look like the player has some trouble with the control.Is it because of one-analog-stick PSP?

    Posted: September 24, 2009 5:46 PM