The Secret World Playground CG Trailer

Posted: September 4, 2009
The Secret World Playground CG Trailer
Age of Conan developer Funcom's new MMORPG demonstrates why not even playgrounds are safe.

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The Secret World (PC)

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  • toranmenulas

    Dudes and Dudettes:this ones GONNA ROCK...Reminds me of LOVECRAFT AND HIS CALL OF CATHUULU... And those books are classics in any genre...sci-fi/horror/thriller ...Cant wait to play this one.

    Posted: March 25, 2010 3:00 AM
  • Misoho

    So looking forward to this game... this trailer is even better than the last, I didn't put two and two together that this was the same game since i saw the first trailer forever ago. Onrpg.com has a rundown of what the game is all about... there will be real life popular spots/cities in game (such as London, Tokyo, etc).... it's all about myths and urban legends coming to life in the present.

    Hope this will be as ridiculous good as it sounds...

    Posted: October 7, 2009 6:49 AM
  • gigadrill98

    sooo....a buffy the vampire slayer game but not buffy? sounds good to me!

    Posted: September 10, 2009 2:17 AM
  • DBZforever

    Looks god

    Posted: September 7, 2009 12:38 PM
  • latif1

    i dont like rpg games but this one takes the cake.

    lol nerds

    Posted: September 5, 2009 4:45 AM