Peter Molyneux's Fable III Presentation At GamesCom 2009

Posted: August 19, 2009
Peter Molyneux's Fable III Presentation At GamesCom 2009
Peter Molyneux discusses the history of his Fable franchise at GamesCom 2009 and reveals that Fable III will be shipping for the Xbox 360 in late 2010.

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Fable 3 (Xbox 360)

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  • Jakeomel

    P.S. I laughed very hard when he talked about "touch." I'll leave the jokes to u guys.

    Posted: August 28, 2009 7:33 AM
  • Jakeomel

    I bet u guys a million bucks the ppl in the game are still going to be as dumb as bricks. I like Fable, and Fable II. But it dosent deserve all this praise. I thought Fable II was going to be the best game to ever come to the next gen. But as soon as I played it there were glitches, and things that didint feel polished. I liked the dog. But I want it to be as diffrent as me. It didint feel that way to me. It acted basicly the same through out all my files (good or bad) and my fatheres, and brothers. I want it to be wild at first. I want to train my dog. If, for instince, I dont teach it to dig holes. Then it will continue to do so and start getting worse. If I teach it not to spray, then it would gradualy stop. I want a world that I can imerse myself in. Oblivion almost did that. But things like very dumb, stupid ppl got in the way. And what if I dont want to rule Albion??? Cant someone else rule instead. I dont think I'll play this game. It's over hiped just like Fable II. I'll just wait until Star Wars: The old republic comes out. I can all ready tell it will be much much better. The old republic will give me much much more choice.

    Posted: August 28, 2009 7:26 AM
  • Psalmy

    G4, you _really_ need to enable skip on your players. He said "oh" at the end, like he forgot something he was going to say, and at that moment I closed the window. Now I have to wait half an hour for it to load. I've had issues with the NightCap too, where my browser or internet get's wonkey and I have to reload the page, but lo, I must wait for 20 miniutes to get back to where I was. Lame.

    *So, anyone, what did he say at the end?

    Anyway, I really like where they are taking the story and approach. The add lib and working with actors, catching those emotions, those can be so critical to making a character come alive and feel like a human. It's interesting to contrast with Mass Effect 2, and compare the different approaches. I look forward to seeing the results, and today's hardware is so much more capable of comming through with Monolux's vision. Also, I expect DLC to really help with fleshing out all those decisions or "Judgments" on can make.

    Posted: August 20, 2009 11:54 AM
  • Aardcore

    Not wanting to step on Molyneux's toes here, or how we all know how he likes to step up with these bold statements, but telling off what Fable 3 will include sounds like a HUGE step for Fable. Still, there was alot said and done on Fable 2, but even Fable 2 missed out on a couple of things that feel a bit 'half-done' but overall came up to be nothing short of a spectacular game.

    Still... listening to everything he's mentioned; I can't help but bare to mind that all the mechanics he's looking to embrace in Fable 3 remind me of some classic games he's already developed-- Black & White, Dungeon Keeper (if anyone remembers when Bullfrong Entertainment was still around...) but among other games already created such as The Sims when he mentioned Touch and Judgments, that physical interaction of one's character plays an important role among the already Titanic-sized claims he's making now. Whether he pulls through and pulls them off is another topic, but the idea of this new chapter in Fable being THIS big, it just seems a bit too big... but that's normal skepticism, yeah?

    I also thought it was interesting how he mentioned "Staging" drama. In a way, that almost sounds like he wants to bring cinematics back into the fray? I remember a statement he said that cinematics were an old game mechanism, but it sounds alot more like he's reintroducing that mechanic. He must've set himself back on the thought about the x-factor of just being a voyeur within one's own experience. The idea of Grand Theft Auto's social cinematics just before a mission, that's what I'm talking about. These 'stagings' sound alot like those.

    Can we expect alot of elements he's bringing up to be already done and borrowed? Perhaps. But maybe from those resources he can make an awesome game out of this. Here's hoping Fable 3 turns out what Molyneux hopes it to be. Because there's alot of hope from my end riding on this. Course, we've all been disappointed before. I just hope none of it comes out of this, haha!

    Posted: August 19, 2009 8:05 PM