Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray Player Review

Posted: August 19, 2009
Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray Player Review

With features like True 24 FPS and 48 bit deep color, the Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray DVD player shows that you really can have the best home theater experience possible. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn take a look to see if it's worth the $300 price tag.

What You Need To Know

  • The Pioneer BDP-320 includes more outputs and connection options than the Insignia Blu-Ray player with 7.1 analog outputs you can hook up directly to your sound system, an optical audio out, component & composite video out and overall, many more than the usual DVD player.
  • It does not include other features like NetFlix and Pandora streaming.
  • They do include 1 gig of storage for BD Live downloadable content, which makes its easier since you don't need to plug in external storage.
  • We did expect more features from Pioneer, however.
  • Loading times were slower than they should have been.
  • The player did live up to our expectations with the highest video quality, which was incredibly detailed, vibrant and noise-free. We couldn't see any problems in the deep blacks, either.
  • Overall, this is the best we've seen so far, even over the PlayStation 3.


  • $300.00, and it is really up to the buyer to decide whether or not it's worth the price.
  • Pioneer's video and audio quality is much better than and we wish it had more features.




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