Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Comic-Con Interview

Posted: August 7, 2009
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Comic-Con Interview
Masachika Kawata, Producer for Capcom, gives us a 'Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles' game preview interview at Comic-Con '09, talking about the game and its place in the horror gaming genre, as well as developing for the Wii.

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  • Narudude360

    I want an FPS Resident Evil! (Preferably on the Xbox!) Something like you turn around, and *BAM!* a horde of maybe twelve (Random Number) zombies shambling dangerously close to you and you have two bullets! You have the option, A. Melee them with a knife. Or B. Shoot as many zombies as possible and RUN!!

    Posted: August 10, 2009 5:40 PM
  • dude9012

    this game rocks

    Posted: August 10, 2009 12:35 PM
  • Tim1o9

    its a Freaking rail shooter! its going to fail like every other cool looking wii game. also, these games cant compete with the other systems because the programmers take short cuts and leave out so much...like in cod 5...those bastards. I wanted nazi zombies.

    Posted: August 10, 2009 11:06 AM
  • blackfang

    I dig the darkside chronicles but what in the bluecheese is up with claire's shorts if i remember right they were red not blue. Megaman wouldn't be the blue bomber if he were orange now would he?. But ignore me,I'm just ranting over small details.

    Posted: August 10, 2009 9:48 AM
  • Nub Salad

    Remember when Resident Evil 2 was just a port to gamecube and not a remake like resident evil 1? Man was that disappointing. I never played resident evil 5 but every other resident evil game I've played was pretty awesome. I look forward to playing this one.

    Posted: August 10, 2009 8:05 AM
  • RagaMuffin251

    personaly i wouldnt buy this game cause this shiz kinda freaks me out but i was impressed with what they did with the graphics for the wii. good stuff

    Posted: August 10, 2009 7:44 AM
  • vidikon

    I don't own a Wii, but I would definitely buy one to be able to play these "chronicle" games from Resident Evil. I have been a total RE junkie from day 1 even though RE5 kinda sucked.

    Posted: August 10, 2009 7:07 AM
  • VocVon

    Horror games arn't my fav, that's why I loved RE5 so much.

    Posted: August 9, 2009 3:18 PM
  • DAC93

    This is going to be the MUST HAVE Wii Game this Christmas.

    Posted: August 8, 2009 5:07 PM
  • ABXPuPpeT

    im so mad that RE5 wasnt a horror game like its past games

    Posted: August 8, 2009 9:16 AM